5 Ways To Supercharge Collaboration

Collaboration is central to the success of nLIVEn. We believe people can produce more, achieve greater outcomes and contribute meaningfully to society when their work is enriched by other people’s perspectives.

“People grow from connection. Connection is the wellspring of creativity.”
Principle #4, The 9 Guiding Principles of Coach U 

Collaboration is embedded into the way nLIVEn engages with people and organisations:T

  1. Professional Partnership Programs
    Our twelve-month, 1-1 learning solutions for employed and self-employed executive managers integrate personal and professional development tailored to people’s individual needs. You can learn more about these programs here.
  2. Strategic Consulting Solutions
    Organisations engage nLIVEn to help diagnose and address their most difficult, persistent and challenging strategy, management and leadership problems. Using The nLIVEn Methodology, we consistently achieve measurable performance improvements. You can learn more about these programs here.
  3. The nLIVEn Talent Bank
    Complex problems demand the power of collaboration to achieve meaningful progress. Our TalentBank is an expert panel of over 100 visionary thinkers, representing a diverse array of industries and cultural areas that nLIVEn draws on to complement and enhance its core team. It began quite simply as the rolodex of brilliant minds Glenn A. Williams collected through his research, advisory work, writing and speaking. This amazing group forms a proprietary asset that is unique to nLIVEn.
  4. nLIVEn Jam Sessions
    At different stages of various projects, nLIVEn assembles multi-disciplinary teams by selectively drawing on members of The nLIVEn TalentBank to participate in nLIVEn Jam Sessions. In the same way that musicians create music by stimulating each other, visionary thinkers enliven solutions to complex problems by inspiring each other. These think-tank sessions cross pollinate multiple perspectives to provide vital input for our strategic consulting projects, organisational development initiatives and community development programs.  
  5. Collaboration Platform Solutions
    We dynamically integrate multiple physical, information, communication and human technologies. This allows us to curate a unique Collaboration Platform Solution for each client. Some of these technologies include:
  • Professionally designed and decorated physical office spaces that support clients in separating from their current realities to engage with their desired realities.
  • Virtual, eLearning systems that compliment and augment the physical learning experiences we create for clients to foster their continuous learning and development between meetings.
  • Digital interactive whiteboard technologies that enhance real world learning experiences (and as closely as possible enable remote learning experiences that approach real world learning experiences).

Would you like to join The nLIVEn TalentBank?

If you are interested in helping decode and shape broader industrial, environmental and social dynamics by working more closely with nLIVEn as your collaborative partner, you can apply to join this unique community and share your expertise by completing a short survey here

Unlocking The Power Of Digital Interactive Whiteboard Technologies

When we prepared a project brief back in Jun-18 to upgrade our fifteen year old Panasonic printable whiteboard, we didn’t realise what a complex undertaking it would turn out to be. It can be a difficult decision to replace something that isn’t actually broken. However, we had an inkling that there were new frontiers for collaboration we needed to pioneer. As we often say to clients of nLIVEn, “we’ll try it before you buy it”.

The nLIVEn team and key clients spent ten months (Jun-18 to Mar-19) testing, assessing, integrating and evaluating six different leading edge, interactive whiteboard and communication technologies. Eventually, we choose to partner and integrate technologies from three complimentary manufacturers to create this integral component of the nLIVEn Collaboration Platform. 

Interested to know which products, brands, models, suppliers we chose and why? nLIVEn runs in-house learning sessions to help people unlock new possibilities for adapting the ways they collaborate. These sessions are facilitated by a specialist trainer from the manufacturer of our interactive whiteboard; who has the benefit of having seen hundreds of use cases for these technologies. These workshops are a great opportunity to ask (and get answered) your unanswered questions.

If you are a current (former or prospective) client of nLIVEn, member of The nLIVEn TalentBank or one of our consulting partners and would like to be kept informed of these upcoming learning sessions, simply let us know and we’ll add you to that list.  

Alternatively, come along to one of our upcoming Brown Paper Bag Lunchevents to see our interactive whiteboard in action as our expert guest presenter entertains and educates us over lunch, or book your Free Strategy Sessionfor a personal test drive of collaborating with nLIVEn.


Discover how collaborating with nLIVEn helps individuals, teams, organisations and communities more seamlessly adapt to change. Catalyse your own pathway to prosperity by contacting nLIVEn today.  

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