Are You Ready For Business Executive Coaching?

Are you struggling with strategic problems…

  • Making the best decision on a promotion or job offer?
  • Understanding how settle into your new CEO or executive role?
  • Reinventing yourself for a new market or industry?
  • Losing out to a competitor on a promotion or opportunity?
  • Trying to assemble the knowledge and skills you’ll need to win a CEO or MD role?
  • Leading your team into unfamiliar territory (like a merger, acquisition, joint venture or start-up)?
  • Securing your first paid non-executive directorship?
  • Working out where to invest your limited time and energy to improve the performance of your organisation?
  • Changing the behaviour and performance of your leadership team?
  • Understanding and articulating the strategy of your enterprise?

How Can Executive Coaching Help?

Business executive coaching is for successful people who want to achieve significant outcomes in the world and who need help to effectively navigate and adapt to change.

As a professional service, business executive coaching is highly tailored to ensure your most important objectives are addressed, whether you are seeking measurable and tangible results or abstract and creative outcomes.

Perhaps you’ve been considering executive coaching but have a range of unanswered questions that are holding you back from finding out more, like:

  • How can you assess whether you are a good candidate for working with a professional coach or mentor?
  • How can you determine whether you (or your organisation) are going through the kind of changes that a business coach or executive coach can assist with?
  • How can you ensure you are ready to begin working in a more disciplined and structured way by participating in a regular coaching program over the year ahead?
  • What can executive coaching do for you?
  • Who is executive coaching for?
  • What does executive coaching cost?
  • When to use to use executive coaching vs other alternative options?

Chances are, you need is a diagnostic tool to help move your thinking forward, as you seek and find answers to these important questions.

The Business Executive Coaching Readiness Self-Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool is designed to help you determine whether you are ready to participate in a professional coaching program. It is a simple questionnaire comprised of 12 questions and takes only 5 minutes to complete.

You can either complete the form online or download, print, complete and return the form to nLIVEn.

Once you submit your answers, you’ll receive an email explaining your responses and access to additional resources to help you assess your next steps.

 If you would prefer to speak to someone directly regarding your situation, you can book a free confidential strategy session here by accessing our online calendar.

Or, if you want to learn more about what executive coaching actually is, see the Resources section below.



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