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In 2009, nLIVEn commissioned an independent research study conducted by consultant Caitlin Iles, to better understand our clients’ experiences in engaging with nLIVEn. I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some important findings from our sample group of twenty-three randomly selected clients who have participated in our Professional Partnership Program within the past five years. I thought that it would be beneficial for you to be able to benchmark peoples’ experiences of working with nLIVEn. Likewise, the richness of the feedback obtained provides invaluable information and answers to frequently asked questions by prospective participants in the programs offered by nLIVEn.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With nLIVEn?

From the perspective of a potential client, we believe that the five most important findings are as follows:

  1. 65% of clients are referred to nLIVEn by a trusted friend or colleague
  2. 65% of respondents rate nLIVEn’s programs as extremely effective (8.5→10/10), with the balance of 35% rating the overall effectiveness as highly effective (7.5→8/10)
  3. 90% of clients report successfully achieving 80% or more of their most important objectives via our collaborative program format
  4. 99% of participants in our Professional Partnership Programs complete their programs in full
  5. 87% continue on to a second or subsequent program

We also distilled the qualitative feedback from our clients down into a list of the top five benefits that people report from participating in our programs:

  1. Clarity & Focus – determining what is really important, deepening my sense of purpose
  2. Problem Solving / Strategy Development – overcoming obstacles, realizing opportunities
  3. Success & Prosperity – flourishing by achieving my goals / objectives / dreams / vision
  4. Energy & Inspiration – to sustain an entire new level of performance
  5. Balance / Alignment – integrating different parts of my life, a new level of peace and grace

We picked out the following selection of “12 Client Insights” from what participants in our research project reported:

  • “It was life changing – it allowed me to dust off my dreams and make them a reality”
  • “Extremely valuable – Glenn is a true professional, an exceptional listener and a master problem solver / strategic thinker”
  • “As a CEO of a public company, I needed someone in my corner to act as a sounding board. At work I had three other people who were influencing my choices. I needed an independent and unbiased resource to assist me with resolving problems and creating strategic plans to execute my vision”
  • “Overall the program helped me to be a better CEO, partner, father and person. It has kept me sane and will continue to do so as there is a lot more to achieve”
  • “Five years ago the program represented excellent value. However, as it has evolved over the past few years, so has it’s value. I can confidently say that today the value of the Professional Partnership Program is outstanding”
  • “I would highly recommend Glenn for anyone who is asking and looking to resolve deep and profound questions of that they are and ought to be doing with their lives”
  • “I always felt like he was in my business, that he had a vested interest and wasn’t just an outsider looking in”
  • “When I needed someone to speak with, even when I was on the other side of the world, Glenn was always there”
  • “The program has a structure and a clear process behind it – this was something that none of the competition had”
  • “Was it worth the time and money? Absolutely”
  • “I really like telephone coaching – it works a treat and has some significant advantages over face-to-face”
  • “Prior to the program I had been working on the problems I was facing for at least 18 months without success – the program gave me the success I was looking for”

If you think about the way that you were introduced to nLIVEn, there is high probability it was via a close friend or colleague. Someone that you know and trust recommended that you consider whether the programs and services offered by nLIVEn could be of benefit to you. No doubt this person’s endorsement of nLIVEn / their Professional Partner gives you a certain degree of confidence in considering investing in your own development.

Pathways to Prosperity – The Movie (10 mins)

The reality is that most of us need some encouragement to reach for greater heights. It is someone else’s vision of what we could achieve that helps us shift beyond our own sense of our limitations and supports us in being accountable.


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