Are You Ready To Walk The Pathway To Your Prosperity?

In 2009, nLIVEn commissioned an independent research study conducted by consultant Caitlin Iles, to better understand our clients’ experiences in engaging with nLIVEn. I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some important findings from our sample group of twenty-three randomly selected clients who have participated in our Professional Partnership Program within the […]

The Goldilocks Test In Coaching And Mentoring

Are you working “on” yourself and your business enough? One of the challenges of being a busy executive, business owners or independent professional is that you are often time poor. Ironically though, if you don’t change where you are headed you are likely to end up where you are going. That is, unless you regularly […]

Governance 101: Fundamentals Of Directorship

A board will operate effectively when it: considers the right matters considers them clearly and thoroughly comes to clear conclusions and makes decisions ensures that it’s decisions are implemented properly Some of the foundational tools available to boards to help achieve this include: annual schedule of meeting dates and times annual board objectives / mandate […]

Did you know that behind every brilliant manager is an executive coach?

The Coaching Buyer’s Guide: What Could A Coach Do For You?

Did you know that behind every brilliant manager is an executive coach? Gaining traction as a highly effective business tool in recent years, executive coaches have now become an essential for organisations that wish to create and maintain a successful, high-performance culture. After all, the pressures faced by a leader in today’s fast-paced world are […]

5 Ways To Afford Coaching

5 Ways To Afford Coaching

How To Make Hiring An Executive Or Business Coach Affordable You’ve heard great things from multiple people about the value they are getting from working with their executive or business coach. You’ve accepted that having your own professional coach is a good idea. You’ve even been introduced to a great coach and you’re satisfied that […]

The 4 Day Work Week Bootcamp

The 4 Day Work Week Bootcamp

I wanted to let you know about a new program I am launching in March 2017 that I thought might be of interest to you, called “The 4 Day Work Week Bootcamp”. Over the past two decades, I’ve consulted to and coached hundreds of CEOs, boards, managers, business owners and independent professionals. The consistent challenge: […]

Defining the Executive

Coaching 303 – Coaching The Executive

In Coaching 101, I provided an introduction to Professional Coaching, explaining what it is and how it helps people. I distinguished the two major branches of Professional Coaching: Personal Coaching and Business Coaching. In Coaching 202, I described three categories of coaching: Skills Coaching Performance Coaching Developmental Coaching In Coaching 303, I want to focus on […]


In preparation for the official release of the book “Visioning: creating the life of your dreams” by Glenn A. Williams on 15/01/2017, today we launched a new website at This new website is intended to compliment rather than replace it. Glenn will continue to write The nLIVEn Blog fortnightly. There will be some […]

What Is The Difference Between A Good Manager And A Great One?

Google’s “Project Oxygen,” is a rigorous, data-based analysis of what makes great managers. Technical expertise made a difference, but only a small one. The single most important differentiator between good and great managers? “Be a good coach.” What Google’s Best Managers Do By examining data from employee surveys and performance reviews, Google’s people analytics team identified eight […]

Does Your Brand Promise Enough?

Branding is a topic that comes up regular in coaching conversations. Many people who make it to the position of CEO / MD haven’t necessarily worked in the marketing department before and had the opportunity to think more deeply about what branding means to them in how they plan to lead their enterprise forward. Naming […]

Why Do CEO’s Need Coaches / Mentors?

In the April 2015 issue, The Harvard Business Review published an article entitled “CEOs Need Mentors Too”. Of the CEO’s interviewed; they claimed that thanks to their mentors: Performance had significantly improved (71%) They were making better decisions (69%) More than anything else, they credited their mentors to helping them avoid costly mistakes and being […]


A Letter To A Newly Appointed CEO

Dear John, Thank you for emailing me the first draft of what you envisage will form the key strategic initiatives for ABC over the coming year, following on from the discussions that have comprised our initial sessions together. Before I provide you with feedback on your document itself, there are several core concepts that I […]

Special Pre-Release Offer on the new book Visioning

Are you losing motivation because you have lost sight of what is important to you (the big picture)? Do you know that things need to change but you are too busy dealing with the demands of today? Are you struggling to make a decision or change in your life or career? Have you achieved your […]

Are You Determined To Not Be An Impostor

Are You Determined To Not Be An Impostor?

When you are promoted to the position of CEO, MD or chairman, it is imperative that you adapt. You need to successfully navigate a risky period of transition in the evolution of your career. On one hand, everything you have ever done prepares you for becoming a CEO, MD or chairman – but on the […]

Perhaps you’ve been charged with bringing two or more businesses together and it’s not clear whether it will be a merger or acquisition.

Free Mergers & Acquisitions Facilitator Checklist

Are you considering whether to merge your business with another business? Or, are you considering acquiring a business and integrating it into your existing business? Perhaps you’ve been charged with bringing two or more businesses together and it’s not clear whether it will be a merger or an acquisition. Maybe you are mid-way through a […]

Great Leaders Are Also Great Followers

In studying leadership, a topic that is often overlooked is followship. Followship is a willingness to accept direction and guidance from leaders in an organisation. An employee who practices followship recognizes that any effective organisation needs both leaders and followers. However, I would go one step further: great leaders create space for people on their […]

nLIVEn - Blog - Three Ways to Find Your Purpose

Three Ways to Find Your Purpose

Are you looking for your purpose? Have you found your purpose but don’t know how to utilize it? If so, you’re not alone. We all have a purpose. We all have unique talents and abilities that no one else has. They are ours and ours alone. It’s just a matter of finding it and putting […]

100 Ways nLIVEn Helps People Navigate Change

100+ Ways nLIVEn Helps People Navigate Change

For any organism to survive and thrive, its rate of adapting has to be equal to, or greater than, the rate of change in its environment – i.e. A ≥ C. This applies regardless of whether that organism is a single celled bacteria, an individual person or a multinational corporation. Since 2000, this equation has […]