Business Coaching – Brisbane

As a business coach, nLIVEn is highly qualified:

  • Over 15 years experience delivering 1-1 and group coaching programs
  • University level training (MBA)
  • Real world experience (CEO / MD / Chairman / Board and Management Consulting roles)
  • Professional development (formal coach training and mentoring in the international core coaching competencies)

We  typically work with business professionals, managers, executives, boards, and owners on issues such as leadership development, increasing employee motivation, organisational design and development, strategy formulation and execution, mergers and acquisitions, overcoming sales and marketing challenges, change-management issues, career advancement, succession planning, effective communication skills, time management, personal and team productivity, team building and to compliment management training.

We help people in any size business and at any stage of their business development lifecycle.

Our Coaching is beneficial to clients and by extension benefits the business and thereby other stakeholders like employees, managers, shareholders, customers and suppliers. Often though, the benefits may be less tangible, and may not immediately appear in the “bottom line”.

Common tangible results include: increased sales, reduced expenses, improved profit and lower staff turnover.
Less tangible results may be: more effective communication, better planning, faster conflict resolution and less stress.

The Right Business Coach For You

The clearer you are about what you want to achieve through our business coaching, the easier it will be to choose create the right fit.

There are three key factors that can be defined when setting up the coaching contract or agreement. These three factors are:

  1. Business results that leaders must achieve,
  2. Leadership behaviors that leaders must exhibit, and
  3. Team communication and staff dynamics required to achieve desired results.

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We help Brisbane business leaders reach their best

Your journey to more effective leadership can begin today. nLIVEn provides proven successful executive coaching programs in Brisbane. You or your staff will benefit immensely from the assistance you receive working with a certified executive coaching consultant.

Brisbane executives who understand the need for coaching are already ahead of the curve. Get yourself in a winning position by contacting nLIVEn, the leading executive coaching company in Brisbane.

A few words about nLIVEn

nLIVEn didn’t invent the rules for great business leadership, we merely help you discover how to use them to reach your full potential. You would be surprised, however, just how many executives there who are underachieving. Even more surprising is how easy it is to turn that around on a personal and professional level.

The nLIVEn difference is that we’re all about empowering our clients. We support them in finding their way, but the important thing is that every achievement is your achievement. That’s why we have the most effective executive coaching consultancy in Brisbane.

How nLIVEn executive coaching works

nLIVEn provides you with a dedicated executive coach. In Brisbane, you’ll mainly be interacting with your coach online and by phone. That’s a good thing, because it’s the most efficient way. You’re not wasting any time commuting.

The actual structure of a coaching session depends on your needs and individual circumstances. Our coaches are professionals with solid business experience. They can tailor your training and development to help you get the maximum benefit from your coaching sessions.

How nLIVEn is different

Among the executive coaching companies in Brisbane, you will choose nLIVEn because we’re the best at what we do. We got to be there by helping our clients be the best at what they do.

Our focus is on the needs of our clients. We work with them to find ways to empower them, building their success layer by layer. A good coach doesn’t spoon feed answers. The best coaches help clients make the important discoveries for themselves.

About nLIVEn’s coaching practitioners

nLIVEn coaches are business leaders first and foremost. They come from backgrounds in entrepreneurship, accounting, psychology and business management. Adding to their credentials, they have accredited certification in coaching and training.

You can be confident in the ability of nLIVEn coaches to deliver quality training that meets the highest standards. More importantly, you can be certain that you will achieve more and make more effective executive decisions when you participate in coaching sessions with nLIVEn catalysing your progress.

Experience the nLIVEn difference today. You’ll be getting leadership advice from proven leaders, which will make all the difference in helping you achieve your objectives.

To find out more call +61 3 9889 7777 or send us an email for prompt attention.

If you’re looking for Executive Coaching in Melbourne, please contact our Melbourne team on 03 9889 7777.

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We offer an obligation free consultation designed to help you assess and understand what kind of Coaching and Coach is right for you. Contact us on (03) 9889 7777 to discuss designing a program tailored to your individual needs or book an obligation free 30-minute Strategy Session below.

Enjoy your coaching journey – it’s a deeply rewarding and fulfilling experience, to have your development fast-tracked by a Professional Coach with whom you find the right “chemistry”.

Professional Partnership Program

Our signature program integrates personal and professional coaching, mentoring, training and development tailored to your individual needs.

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Specialty Programs

A leader in business coaching, Melbourne based nLIVEn offers a suite of complementary products and services that target specific needs.

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Situational Troubleshooting

A responsive, independent and objective sounding board to help you confidently and swiftly navigate a path to a specific end goal.

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'LIVE' The Brand

We specialise in working one-on-one with CEOs and MDs, helping them align the brand and culture of their organisations.

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Locations We Serve 

Our offices are located at Suite 8, 1175 Toorak Road, Camberwell, 3124, Melbourne.

We also work remotely with clients from around the world in major cities and regional areas including:

Australian Cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin



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