“A finishing school for entrepreneurs”

When Steve, at 31, was presented with the opportunity to merge his business, he was in unfamiliar territory. He selected the nLIVEn Situational Troubleshooting program before taking up a Professional Partnership.

“Whilst I learnt a lot about my retail and wholesale business operations from growing up within a family business, there were things that I needed to learn that I could not tap into via traditional education. I was looking for a finishing school for entrepreneurs.

My nLIVEn Professional Partner is a role model of turning complexity into simplicity and staying cool under pressure. I have been able to adapt many ideas and implement them throughout my business and life.

I went on to participate in a Professional Partnership and learnt to better balance my priorities. I introduced project management disciplines, re-branded my retail outlets and sold off underperforming interests.

By learning and applying management disciplines, I achieved a 400% growth in turnover in under 12 months. My wife and I completed the rennovations to our family home, we purchased a new convertible BMW, I lost 25 kg and have expanded my investments into new areas.

It is actually remaarkable how much I have been able to achieve so quickly.

Steve, Entrepreneur

(Situational Troubleshooting Program followed by Professional Partnership Program)