“Flying with me at 50,000 feet”

Faced by the prospect of a friendly acquisition, the owner of a technology consulting firm turned to nLIVEn to clarify his vision and develop a road map for the future.

After nLIVEn assisted me to formalise my business plan and gain a better insight into my own ambitions, I decided not to pursue the trade sale but rather expand my professional interests into other entrepreneurial  ventures that would complement the established consulting business.

This led to the launch of an online business. After the business had been piloted and we refined its value proposition, nLIVEn assembled a team to work with me to ramp up its operations.

This included creating a detailed business plan, developing an information Memorandum to attract investors and preparing the CEO to present the business to investors at briefing sessions.

After the venture capital had been acquired, nLIVEn continued to assist in the stewardship of the company via its involvment in board meetings.

Working with nLIVEn is like having someone who can fly alongside me and drag me up from 10,000 feet to 50,000 feet – I relish their capacity to work across the spectrum of short-term tactics to longer-term strategy development.

James, Entrepreneur

Transcript of the interview can be found HERE.