“Intensive support to address my challenges”

Following the loss of some major clients in quick succession, Karen came across a story about a client of nLIVEn in The Australian newspaper. Situational Troubleshooting helped her make sense of the sudden downturn in her Sydney-based business, refine her marketing strategy and clarify her commitment to the business.

“When my business partner and I arrived at nLIVEn we were keen to assess whether professional coaching over the telephone could provide us with intensive support to rapidly address our challenges.

I make a lot of my business decisions based on intuition and felt comfortable that nLIVEn would respect  this approach yet complement my style with rigourous thinking and analysis.

Our sessions provided a great structure to talk through the important choices that I needed to make as a leader. Very quickly, I gained clarity about where I wanted to go, learnt tools that I was missing and established the confidence to expand into Victoria.

Working with nLIVEn helps me align my feelings and thoughts. Working together over the telephone promotes honest and candid discussion. Having someone who has no attachment to the decisions I am making about the business provides an invaluable and objective sounding board.”

Karen, Managing Director

(nLIVEn Situational Troubleshooting)