“The Swiss of the 21st Century”

When an international logistics company was planning a corporate conference, it needed a firm that understood strategy, team development, and cultural diversity. The company, decided to look outside of Europe for a neutral solution, which led them to nLIVEn.

“With head offices in Paris, operations managed from Prague and customer support in 14 different languages servicing an international client base (both in terms of airlines and their customers), managing cultural diversity as a competitive advantage was becoming increasingly important to us.

A series of planning sessions conducted as teleconference calls culminated in a conference facilitated by nLIVEn in the French Riviera.

nLIVEn established a multidisciplinary team to address our needs. Their particular  expertise in working with transcultural issues assisted us in creating simplicity from what we perceived as complexity.

Using Team Profiling tools and models to create a common language, the management group was able to deepen its understanding of the power of diversity and develop ways to transcend the cultural and functional barriers to effective communication and team work.

This enabled us to develop some key strategic initiatives that crystallised our approach moving forward.”

Attilio, CEO

(nLIVEn Specialty Programs)