“Understanding and strengthening our brand”

When a boutique advertising agency realised that its aggressive growth plans were going to require reinventing the way it worked, it sought out the collaborative partnership of nLIVEn.

“We began with a genuine belief that there was a better way to achieve something. Understanding and strengthening our essence, character and spirit ensures our brand becomes more potent as the organisation grows.

This is what our “LIVE’ The Brand program with nLIVEn has enabled us to focus on. The process began with an audit to identify the current health of the agency. Then nLIVEn facilitated a business planning process that created consensus on the objectives, strategies and projects that would need to be undertaken over the coming year.

A Team profiling exercise helped our management team gain an appreciation of each other’s strentghs and improve working realtionships. A company ethos document, which explored the history and philisophy that underpins our company culture, was created. The document generated a new level of engagement amongst staff and has helped us socialise new members of the team.

An ongoing quaterly review process conducted at nLIVEn ensures the plans and performance are regularly reviewed and ongoing organisational learning is cultivated.”

Tim, Managing Director

(“LIVE” The Brand)