“Working harder was no longer an option”

Director of the Australian operations of a global Japanese firm, John faced the threat of “karoshi” – a Japanese syndrome where workers literally die from overwork. He was consistently working 12-14 hour days to keep up, often starting at 5:30am.

“I felt like I was rowing flat out and not getting anywhere; in fact, I was going backwards. I had heard Glenn Williams speak about the benefits of professional coaching but the last thing I wanted was to take on yet another commitment!

My family was concerned about my work–life balance. A discussion with an existing nLIVEn client convinced me to take on the Professional Partnership Program.

At the end of the program, I felt organised and proactive. I had crafted a range of plans with the help of nLIVEn: a financial and retirement plan, a personal career plan and a strategic plan for my division. Most importantly, my family got me back.

I have also purchased several investment properties, re-established my fitness training, completed renovations to our family home and taken an extended overseas family holiday.

My nLIVEn Professional Partner helped draw out my own ideas – he knew how to ask the right questions to define a problem and turn it into an opportunity.”

John, Director

(Professional Partnership Program)