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Our CEO coaching program helps CEOs to understand just how pivotal a strong culture can be on achieving their goals and how they can build a culture that both recognises and embraces shared values, attitudes, standards and beliefs. At nLIVEn, we have established a reputation as the leading CEO coaching provider in Melbourne, helping CEOs to achieve exceptional results. Leveraging CEO mentoring from our experienced executive coaches can bring substantial, tangible benefits for your company or organisation:

Strategic Planning

CEOs are responsible for successful implementation of strategic plans to achieve the company’s short- and long-term goals. Our highly experienced CEO coaching team can work with you to build and implement the most strategic, effective plan which is best placed to increase profitability in the next 12 months and create shareholder value for the long-term.

Developing Relationships

All too often CEOs fail to reach the goals set out by themselves and their board as they lack the capability to develop strong relationships with multiple stakeholders. Through our executive CEO training courses, you can learn how to establish strategic relationships that unlock greater success and profitability.

Realise The Key Areas Of Focus

In any organisation, there are 3 or 4 key decisions to be made every year which matter most, these are the decisions which impact your success as a CEO and whether the company continues on a steady path towards achieving defined goals. The nLIVEn CEO coaches can help you analyse and pinpoint the most important decisions you will need to make this year and ensure you are equipped to continue to maintain full focus on these decisions through implementation to completion.

Impact Sales Performance

Sales leadership needs to work both from the top down and the bottom up. However, sales performance is often uncertain, unstable territory for CEOs. Through CEO coaching sessions with our team, you can develop an in-depth understanding of and alignment between your marketing and sales processes, build more effective sales procedures and continuously elevate sales potential through insightful data measurement, analysis and modelling.

Build a Strong Culture

Critical to the prosperity of an organisation is a strong culture. Effective CEOs should have the capability to lead, inspire and motivate their team and their board.

Holding responsibility both for everyday management decisions and overseeing the long- and short-term plans of an organisation, the role of CEO is a significant undertaking. CEOs need to stand as strong, innovative, motivating leaders to achieve continuous impactful performance and results. This takes intense focus and commitment; the commitment not just to the role but to continuous learning and development. Great leaders and great CEOs are consistently adapting, striving to find new learning opportunities and willing to accept the powerful insights of others. These growth-focused CEOs know that to continue their personal and professional development, they need to find a CEO coach.

Start your pathway to greater prosperity. Contact the nLIVEn team today to arrange your free, no obligation consultation and discover how CEO coaching can steer your career and organisation towards a continuous path of achievement.

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Comments from our clients:

"I just wanted to thank you for that beautiful bottle of Moet & Chandon. John and I will save that for a special occasion. It is one of our favourite champagnes that deserves thorough enjoyment. I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your belief in my abilities. You have been able to get me to focus on the business in a way I was to be made believe I couldn’t do. I never thought we were worthy of any award and you have made me think otherwise. I don’t really care if I don’t win because I have a team around me that believe we can and that means so much more to me. I am so very grateful. I can’t wait to see were we go for 2014/2015 but I believe it will be as exciting and challenging as this year."

Louise Ward
Director Yarra Valley Estate

"I started to work with Glenn some months ago first on one of his Leaders Edge Program. This short and tailor-made program made me realise the importance of having someone next to you to help, support, make suggestions during the development of your business. This is exactly what Glenn has done for us. I am confident we have now a clearer view of where we are going as a business and how. We plan to continue using nLIVEn services on a regular basis in the future."

Jacques Morin
Commercial Kitchen Expert, Small Business Developer, High end Hospitality projects

"I was at a point where I did not want to get up in the morning and go to work, which was strange - as it was my own successful business. I had no energy. I was feeling lost. nLIVEn’s Professional Partnership Program facilitated a lot of reflection, which got me thinking on a more fundamental and philosophical level. We worked on articulating my dreams into a vision - crystallizing what I am really passionate about. It was an evolving process where some of my original dreams were replaced with a bigger vision. Fast forward a year and I am happier, engaged with my business again and feel lucky to have my business. During the past year Glenn’s guidance was invaluable when I had a number of unexpected issues arise. Tapping into Glenn’s vast knowledge and experience guided me to learn that these issues were actually a blessing in disguise. I had tried coaching before, which didn’t work as I had no connection to the coach as I did not respect him, and felt it was just a ‘job’ to him. Glenn has a real passion and interest in coaching, which is second to none. This make him a great resource for executives and entrepreneurs. If you are open minded and know you can’t do it all alone, the brain power and ideas you can get from other people will prove invaluable. If you are not lucky enough to have such people around you and / or you are looking for an independent and objective point of view, Glenn and the team at nLIVEn would be a really valuable addition to your team. Anyone who is serious about achieving a big scary decision, taking the next step in their business / career or following their passion would benefit from engaging with nLIVEn. Expect gentleness to encourage reflection, but the kind of firmness that doesn’t allow you to cop out when things get difficult or too hard. "

David Kelly
Founder, Kelly Hazell Quill Lawyers

"Glenn has a calm determination. He is patient, objective and wise. He is a mentor."

John Carruthers
CEO at The Everest Academy

"Glenn Williams would be one man that I would have to say I admire beyond words - if I was to try and articulate my experience of Glenn Williams I would say PROFESSIONAL; DYNAMIC; WISE; ARTICULATE; AUTHENTIC; HUGE CAPACITY TO LOVE; QUALITY; LOYAL - if you are ready to take yourself to the next level and experience profound partnership on that journey look no further than Glenn - a priceless investment!"

Sally Anderson
President at ISAIL LLC USA - Leadership Coach/Retreat Facilitator/Keynote Speaker/Author/Master Coach Trainer

"Working with nLIVEn was a highly valuable venture for our business. Their approach was personable, constructive, and most importantly, effective. nLIVEn were able to easily understand and refine our key objectives, identify our obstacles and create strategies to assist our progress towards success. nLIVEn was resourceful and inventive in the solving of issues we had found challenging, and provided flexible and adaptable suggestions for improvement. Glenn Williams on a personal level is professional, relaxed and focused - able to seamlessley shift between providing casual advice to individual employees to demonstrating high-level, targeted methods for our business to achieve it's goals. nLIVEn allowed our business to analyse and assess our practices and choices from a new and fresh perspective. From there, we were able to collaboratively develop clear plans of actions together. Understandably, final implementation was a breeze. Thanks for a job well done."

Sharni Kelly
HR Consultant at Murray Goulburn

“Glenn has been instrumental in helping me to think strategically. Over the past two years as a participant in his pathways to prosperity program he has assisted me to determine my objectives, missions, goals, values and responsiblities both as a business owner and individual. I found his program to be disciplined and structured which in turn helped me to remain focused and productive. Part of the program involved setting intentional goals (ie: choosing a desired result at some time in the future) and developing a set of strategies to achieve those goals. I got a lot out this part of the program as the format and structure suited my personal make-up. Glenn is intelligent, creative and personable. I consider him to be one of my most valuable resources.”

Angelo Maini
Owner Skilled Insurance Services (Affiliate of Austbroker Countrywide)

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Glenn in 2011, but most importantly, utilizing his service as a career development coach. His unique service has brought clarity to what I want to achieve, both personally and professionally and allowed me to develop a career roadmap, highlighting the various milestones I will cross on my way to achieving these objectives. I would highly recommend Glenn to anyone wanting clarity and guidance in advancing their personal and professional aspirations."

William Hughes
Project Engineer at Redpath

I started working with Glenn after receiving a very challenging promotion in a difficult corporate environment. The program I followed with Glenn was tailored to my specifics needs. It enabled me to develop new skills, create innovative solutions and refocus my career. I am now working with Glenn on a new business venture, which I know I would not have started without Glenn's help over the last 3 years. I highly recommend Glenn as a great mentor who challenges and advances my thinking. Most importantly Glenn has helped me achieve greater success and enjoy the journey along the way.

Tony Mount
Director, Élan - Property Investment Specialists