Grow Your Business By Growing Your People

Data Proves Coaching Pays Off

For every organization, balancing the needs of the business with the development needs of employees is a constant reality. Retaining top talent, connecting people skills to business priorities and creating an environment of engagement all require real-world expertise to meet the real-world challenges unique to small and mid-size businesses.

Your success depends upon the engagement, commitment, and innovation of your team members, but creating opportunities to develop your teams is hard – how do you find the resources, the time and the expertise to have real, measurable financial impact? How do you demonstrate to yourself, your board and your shareholders that prudently investing in your people pays its way?

Now you can.

Grow Your Business By Growing Your People

Aligning programs with real, tangible business needs such as revenue growth, operational stabilization and innovation, nLIVEn’s IMPACT Program provides quick learning bursts of content paired with individual and group coaching to ensure transfer of learning to impact.

What some organizations have accomplished:

  • Improved employee retention by 190% in a high-turnover sales environment
  • Grew gross revenue by $2M in an organization undergoing frequent restructure and changing go-to-market strategies
  • Improved employee engagement with junior employees by 11%
  • Grew gross revenue and made productivity gains resulting in more than $3M

You need results that make a measured impact. nLIVEn’s IMPACT Program is a solution that works.

Where We Begin

Understanding your needs. We’ll uncover your top strategic priorities by providing an independent and unbiased perspective.

How We Validate

Continual stakeholder involvement for business relevance ensures a more systemic approach.

What We Deliver

Engaging programs that measurably change behavior and provide tangible results.

Why You Should Care

Our research has shown IMPACT positively improves your business through your people – both qualitatively and quantitatively.


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