Discover if a meeting is worth attending or convening (Part 2 of 6)

In this blog post, I’ll spell out Step 1 of my 4-Step Process for getting the most out of meetings … top tips and techniques I have discovered, invented and developed over several decades. These are the principles I use to keep expanding my capacity to achieve more with less. This is all about gaining clarity regarding the reasons for holding the meeting, and what you want to get out of it. I would love to hear your ideas and feedback – so please take the time to comment at the end of this post. Like you, I am always looking for new ideas to enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the teams in which I play.

A Meeting is an Occasion

When I consider attending a meeting, I discipline myself to stop and envision what we will have actually achieved by the end of the meeting. I ask myself and others questions like:

  • What obstacles will have been overcome (literally or at least mentally)?
  • What issues or unwanted feelings will have been resolved?
  • What risks will have been mitigated?
  • What opportunities or new territory will have been explored?
  • What decisions will have been made?

The Purpose of having a Purpose

How does the meeting you are considering relate to your “purpose”? This simple but often overlooked question provides a powerful filter against which you can assess meeting invitations – yours and other people’s. In life and at work, taking the time to understand the bigger picture of why you are doing what you are doing is a big part of getting the most out of meetings. The aim and outcome of each meeting should make sense when seen within the context of the higher purpose you are at work on fulfilling. My approach helps deliver the four most important outcomes I have found executives and entrepreneurs are looking for, shifting them from:

  1. Confusion to Clarity
  2. Frustration to Focus
  3. Exhaustion to Engagement
  4. Paralysis to Performance

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