Do You Recognise the Face of an Unnatural Leader?

In my special report “Untapped”, I introduce the idea of an “Unnatural Leader”. It is a concept that I coined as a result of coaching and mentoring hundreds of CEOs and Managing Directors over the past fifteen years on how to harness more of the leadership potential within their organisations.

One of the spoken (or unspoken) complaints I have heard repeatedly from managers has to do with the lack of leadership coming from their people. This may sound ironic, that the “leaders” want their followers to provide more leadership.

I hear variants of the following conversations from executives and entrepreneurs alike:

  • “Why don’t my people bring more ideas to the table?”
  • “I know this person has a lot of ideas – but I don’t know why they hold themselves back in our management meetings?”
  • “I know my business partner is committed to the success of our business, but he / she seems quite content for me to be the one always putting their neck on the line, making the tough decisions.”

Savvy “leaders” are committed to adapting to the demands of today’s rapidly changing business environment. They also know – either consciously or subconsciously – that leadership needs to come from everyone in their organisation. Innovation and creativity needs to be part of everyone’s job. Solving problems, generating ideas for growth, tapping into online marketing trends and finding ways to save money is something everyone can do. You can’t afford to see these things as the role of managers alone. Lean organisations need everyone to help manage up and manage sideways – providing leadership for each other rather than pushing problems up the organisational hierarchy.

There’s Plenty of Room at the Top

People say that running a business is a lonely endeavor. But that’s the case only if you let it be.

If you want a successful organisation, there are two things you must have:

  1. People with different mindsets, talents, strengths and ambitions.
  2. The ability to harness their leadership potential… natural or otherwise.

In my special report “Untapped”, I share five ways to unleash the untapped potential of ‘unnatural leaders’ in organisations that need to scale:

  1. Asking Forgiveness
  2. Weeding The Garden
  3. Inverting The Pyramid
  4. Keeping Your Promises
  5. Living Your Life As Art

Do You Recognise the Face of an Unnatural Leader?

First off, what do I mean by an ‘unnatural leader’?

They are people who don’t consider themselves automatically ‘authorised’ to step up and provide leadership when the need arises. They are the people on your team who appear to be more comfortable and content letting others generate ideas, set the agenda and drive change.

They may not be tall, attractive and extroverted. They may not be first-born children who arrived in the right months of the year. They may not have the best formal education or most supportive life partners. They may not be alpha males with a strong sense of entitlement that grew up in stable homes and conflict free countries. They may not be big picture, strategic thinkers nor persuasive communicators.

As such, they may not perceive themselves as “qualified” to lead.

They may not feel “entitled” to lead.

However, today’s constantly changing business environment, we need dynamic people and enterprises that naturally adapt to change. Organisations are leaner and flatter than ever before. Driving innovation can’t be confined to the leadership team or external consultants.

It’s time to untap more of the latent leadership potential in your team.

Download your free copy of “Untapped” to discover how more of your team can be leading more of the time.

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