Great Delegating Is Like A Great Game Of Tennis

Tennis is my game of choice when it comes to sport. I also find tennis is a useful metaphor for how we need to play – both in business and life.

Firing off lots of email messages to people in your team/s is like blindly hitting tennis balls – you don’t know whether your balls actually made it over the net, landed within the playing field and are in the process of being actioned or ignored. As you get more successful – both in business and life – you’ve got more and more balls up in the air, moving across the net at an increasingly rapid rate, using up your “psychic RAM”.

In the old era of task and project management, there was a lot of duplication – things appeared on multiple people’s To-Do Lists. It often felt like you were simply hitting balls up against a wall.

In the new era of task and project management, there is no duplication – the right things are on the right lists, visible only to the right people. The comments about progress, next actions, website links and other resources required to get things done are right there – alongside the action item – versus distributed through a series of email inboxes. It feels more like a great game of tennis – fun to watch, fun to play.

I’ve tried and tested many collaborative software tools, since the dawn of the “new era”, including: Basecamp, Asana, Podio and ToDoist.

My platform of choice: Nozbe.

For me, it is a clear winner because:

  1. It is platform agnostic – it doesn’t mind whether you are on a Android or IOS device, a Mac or a Windows machine, or a friend’s PC
  2. The software and database sit on your device (important for when you are flying / off the grid)
  3. It is designed with the principles of GTD in mind
  4. It comes with a series of video tutorials, that help new members of my team become fully productive more rapidly

I recently sat down with Michael Sliminski, the Founder of Nozbe, to discuss my experiences of using Nozbe – both within the team at nLIVEn plus in helping my executive and entrepreneurial clients integrate advanced productivity techniques into their high performing teams.

I discuss how Nozbe has helped dramatically increase productivity within my local and distributed teams by helping me manage day-to-day tasks and projects. “It’s like playing a game of tennis between team members”, I explained to Michael.

In the following 10 minute video, I share some of my best tips for getting the most out of using Nozbe.

I have also included a couple of links to other articles I have written on advanced productivity below, that I mention in the interview.

If you are looking for a more collaborative approach to task and project management, to help leverage greater productivity within your team or organisation, download a free-trial here.


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