How To Get The Most Out Of Meetings (Part 1 of 6)

4 Steps to Getting the Most out of Meetings

These four steps are based on the 4D Change Model:

  1. DISCOVER if a meeting is worth attending or convening
  2. DESIGN the way you set up a meeting
  3. DEVELOP how you plan an agenda
  4. DELIVER your best performance in meetings

The 4D Change Model is one of the core ideas that I wrote about in my book, “A Great Life”. I also previously wrote an article on the 4D Change Model, which I recommend you read before diving into this one.

Meetings are a great way to apply the 4D Change Model, as the aim of most meetings is to deal with – yes, you guessed it – change, addressing subjects like:

  • How can we improve things?
  • What should we do about responding to changes that we have noticed?
  • How are we going with projects designed to drive innovation and change in our business?
  • Why someone or some group of people need to change their thinking, behaviour or performance.

My approach helps deliver the four most important outcomes I have found executives and entrepreneurs are looking for, shifting them from:

  1. Confusion to Clarity
  2. Frustration to Focus
  3. Exhaustion to Engagement
  4. Paralysis to Performance

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