How to Harness Untapped Potential

How to Harness Untapped Potential

People say that running a business is a lonely journey. But that’s the case only if you let it be.

To run a successful organisation, it’s your responsibility to surround yourself with other people, with different mindsets, talents, strengths and ambitions.

And it’s also your responsibility to harness their leadership potential… natural or otherwise.

Understanding Your True Assets… and How to Profit From Them

For many businesses, particularly professional service firms, people are their greatest asset. However, you won’t see them on the company’s balance sheet.

Rather, labour is the largest expense category in the profit and loss statement of these enterprises. Increasing wage pressures mean a lot of businesses can’t afford to hire as many people as they may like. Therefore, they need to be creative in how they unleash more of the potential of the people they do have within their teams.

However, today’s constantly changing business environment, we
 need dynamic people and enterprises that naturally adapt to change. Organisations are leaner and flatter than ever before. Driving innovation can’t be confined to the leadership team or external consultants.

It’s time to untap more of the latent leadership potential in your team.

Untapped: how to harness the potential of your unnatural leaders” is a 3,000 word special report that comes out of one of my major findings: that many CEOs and business owners unintentionally suppress (rather than liberate) the leadership potential of those around them.

This special report was prepared to address five ways to unleash the untapped potential of ‘unnatural leaders’ in organisations that need to scale.

Do you recognise the face of an unnatural leader?

First off, what do I mean by an “unnatural leader”?

They are people who don’t consider themselves automatically ‘authorised’ to step up and provide leadership when the need arises. They are the people on your team who appear to be more comfortable and content letting others generate ideas, set the agenda and drive change.

Untapped provides five compelling lessons on how to harness greater leadership potential when growing your business. Essential reading for CEOs, Boards and Business Owners alike – you’ll learn five practical steps to help your CEO (or yourself) get started today.

Let me show you how more of your team can be leading more of the time.

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