inSIGHT Vision for Success

Insight is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something. It is the instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding; penetrating mental vision or discernment – the faculty of seeing inner character and underlying truth.

In this innovative, ground-breaking audio program, a selection of entrepreneurs and executives who have participated in nLIVEn’s Professional Partnership Program, discuss the process of successfully transforming their personal and professional lives. These frank and candid interviews, with coaching by Glenn Williams, provide a qualified insight into the world of professional coaching and personal mastery.

People Have Extraordinary Capacity

“As human beings, we have enormous capacity to dream. But in reality, during the course of our lives, how many of those dreams do we actually achieve?  Paradoxically, the solution to personal and professional fulfilment often lies within ourselves. Sometimes, to reach the solution is impossible without professional assistance because we are literally too close to our lives to see things objectively.Our increasing expectations for a greater level of fulfilment in all areas of our lives has given rise to the need for highly-skilled professionals who can help people realise their dreams. inSIGHT Vision for Success will introduce you to a number of people who have successfully identified their dreams, created a plan and are now on the course to achieve them – focussing on the following key areas:

  • Success – 2% Inspiration + 98% Perspiration
  • Personal Re-Invention: Are You Ready to Make the Commitment?
  • Finding Your Niche: The Solution Lies Within
  • Managing Change: Getting an Independent Point of View
  • Business Turnaround and Rapid Growth: Together We Worked It Out
  • Personal Branding / Image Management: Non-Verbal Communication
  • The Art of Corporate Branding: Presenting a Consistent Image
  • Understanding Life Insurance: The Power of Planning and Structure
  • Taking the Next Step: Is Coaching for You?”

nLIVEn is one of the most experienced organisations in the field of Professional Coaching, having pioneered a customised and personalised Professional Partnership Program which has transformed hundreds of individuals and organisations, allowing them to increase both their effectiveness and their satisfaction levels.

The founder of nLIVEn, Glenn Williams, is an experienced business leader and successful entrepreneur. After a diverse business career throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States, Glenn realised there was a real need for personal leadership development.

Are you ready to begin the journey by finding out about Glenn Williams, his philosophy and what first motivated him to create nLIVEn?

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