In preparation for the official release of the book “Visioning: creating the life of your dreams” by Glenn A. Williams on 15/01/2017, today we launched a new website at

This new website is intended to compliment rather than replace it. Glenn will continue to write The nLIVEn Blog fortnightly.

There will be some overlaps between the nLIVEn and Glenn A.Williams brand propositions – the two sites are intended to complement each other. However, the two sites are intended to focus on different things:

  • Glenn A.Williams: Glenn’s writing and speaking
  • nLIVEn: Glenn’s coaching and consulting, as part of the nLIVEn team

The Glenn A. Williams Blog

In addition to being a companion to Glenn’s books, articles and reports, the Glenn A.Williams website also features its own blog – separate to The nLIVEn Blog – designed to focus more specifically on providing readers with additional tools, models, resources and examples to support their implementation of the ideas Glenn writes about.

To learn more or sign up to receive news from Glenn A. Williams please visit or send us an email at as you WON’T automatically be subscribed to this new blog. If you have (or do) purchased a copy of Visioning however, we shall automatically subscribe you to the Glenn A. Williams blog.


Furthermore, the website features a dedicated section for people interested in engaging Glenn as a speaker at

It provides information on the topics Glenn could speak about at your next event, conference or retreat.

AdaptAbility – The 4D Model For Adapting to Change Has Evolved

Finally, Glenn’s work on Adapting to Change into a three-dimensional model for Unlocking Your AdaptAbility. Learn more at

If you are interested in learning more about how to “Unlock your AdaptAbility”, you can now book a free strategy session online at

If you missed the Special Pre-Release Offer on the new book Visioning but would like to order your copy / copies, simply visit to choose the physical book or eBook (PDF) version.

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