Leading Your Business Through Change and Growth!

Shahara Wright; the Texas USA based host of “The CEO Collaboration Circle”, interviews Glenn A. Williams on staying alive through the dangers of leading by adapting to change.

The word leadership invokes various amounts of thoughts and actions. All it really means in the end is that you have the ability to get through challenges effectively and help others to do the same. As business owners, it is difficult to navigate all of that by ourselves.

In this interview, Glenn and Shahara discuss:

  • How to adapt to change in business
  • How to deal with SOS (setbacks, obstacles and surprises) by having a clear vision for your business and life
  • How to make the triangle, ensuring you talk through your options, strategy and decisions with an independent party to enrich your perspective and validate your thinking

About “The CEO Collaboration Circle” Show

Let’s face it! Starting a business isn’t hard. What is hard is running a business. Keeping the doors open, keeping up with technology, changing laws and the constant change in consumer expectations. After owning a business for more than 17 years, Shahara realized that there is always more to learn.

As business owners, we are always thinking that we have to do everything alone. But we don’t. No one is perfect. No business is perfect. Understanding that means you can get help with whatever you need in your business. The CEO Collaboration Circle is a safe place where business owners can come to learn, grow and share! Join Shahara every Wednesday at 9 a.m. CST!


Website: The CEO Collaboration Circle

Book: Visioning by Glenn A. Williams

Resource: The Adapting to Change Model

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