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A practical guide to tthe creative process and how to use it to create anything – a work of art, a relationship, a career or a better life.

Whether you wish to create a work of art, a novel, a thriving business, nourishing relationships, or a deeply satisfying life, Robert Fritz, composer, artist, writer, and entrepreneur, reveals the guiding principles that can empower you to reach your goals.

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Creating is a skill that can be learned and mastered. People from all walks of life and from all backgrounds can learn to create, in the same way that they can learn to drive a car, swim, or use a computer.

As a skill, creating can be used in many realms:

  • When used in music or painting, results are artistic.
  • When used in technology, results are inventions.
  • When used in business, results are production.
  • When creating is used to build a relationship between two people, results are often deep bonding and a natural expression of love.
  • When creating is used to build your life, results are often tremendous involvement, vitality, adventure, and expansion.

Robert Fritz has discovered many principles that can help you learn and develop your creative process – principles that can encompass the many facets of a person’s life. By working with these, you will begin to see how your life itself can be the subject of the creative process.

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