Situational Troubleshooting

Situational Troubleshooting programs offered by nLIVEn act as a responsive and objective sounding board to help you confidently and swiftly navigate a path to a specific end goal.

This format is ideal for executives, managers, business owners and individuals who are willing to engage in frank, provocative discussions and think about issues in a new way.



Programs run for month-long intervals. Flexible and conducted in complete confidence, participants can choose from one of two formats:

• Ongoing Access

Up to two telephone calls and five e-mails a week, received and returned during business hours.

• Unlimited Access

As many telephone calls, e-mails, faxes and letters as needed, with responses provided within and outside of business hours as required.

These results-oriented programs blend coaching and consulting techniques to help participants successfully handle important performance and personal issues in a short, intensive timeframe.


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