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“What is your vision?”

As an adult, how have you felt when someone has asked you that directly? The question greets us suddenly and in a number of forms. But the intent is the same – and we know it. It is a query about the clarity and intent with which we are living our lives.

For most people, it is the most confronting question they could be asked. It is no more confronting than the variant we were asked as children – about when we grow up – but as adults it has added resonance.

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“What is your vision?”

As an adult, how have you felt when someone has asked you that directly? The question greets us suddenly and in a number of forms. But the intent is the same – and we know it. It is a query about the clarity and intent with which we are living our lives.

For most people, it is the most confronting question they could be asked. It is no more confronting than the variant we were asked as children – about when we grow up – but as adults it has added resonance.

Heart rate and blood pressure rise and the brain experiences waves of confusion. It is a question that can render the most articulate and thoughtful speechless. The question is received as an assault on our identity that elicits feelings of embarrassment, guilt and anxiety. It is a question that can pierce a carefully controlled exterior. Innocently, its four words ask us about our struggle with our own existence and the legacy we might imagine we want to leave behind.

“What do we really want for our lives?”

“Why is that a meaningful pursuit?”

Here are two reasons why the question strikes deep. A vision is an expression of our values and an interpretation of our purpose. These things are fundamental. Our vision is an integral part of making sense of the world in which we live and then acting within that framework to achieve our goals.


35 reviews for Visioning by Glenn A. Williams | Physical Book

  1. Hannah Sutton

    We rarely make time in our ‘busy’ lives for any form of deep introspection and creating a plan for our futures. This book helps you make a commitment to yourself to figure out what is important and to get some handle on your path and purpose in life. Personally, I’ve found it helpful in committing to daily habits that help shape my future – by having a vision it becomes easier to see if what you’re doing is helping or hindering your journey!

  2. Justin Cooper

    I loved the way Glenn balances the two ideas of ‘being in flow’ and ‘setting goals’. As a ‘being in flow’ fan, I have found other books on goal setting hard to read, as they feel too restrictive and proscriptive for a free-spirit like myself. Not so with ‘Visioning’ by Glenn A. Williams, a book I found easy to read and inspiring to follow through on. It is an interesting, entertaining, and practical book that I’d recommend to anyone who – like me – has been drifting in their business, and who’s now ready to put a stronger sail up and set a meaningful course for greater happiness and deeper fulfilment.

  3. Sara Saddington

    Visioning: Creating the Life of Your Dreams by Glenn A. Williams provides an inspiring introduction to the process of envisioning a successful life. Part instructional manual, part gorgeous coffee table book, the process of reading Visioning is both immersive and inspiring. The beautiful photographs throughout the book invoke serenity and introspection, and are balanced nicely with actionable advice for imagining a successful life. Williams walks us through the steps required to envision what our life will look like when we consider the questions: What do you really want for your life? Why is that a meaningful pursuit? What are you dreaming about, but not doing?

  4. Erica Luder

    I love the way the author delivers insight by providing the reader with the necessary tools to find their ‘what’ in life. Stirring up the questions – What do I want to create for my life, personally, emotionally, spiritually, and then specifying a timeline for achieving these things. This then poses the question ‘why’ –
    why do we do what we do, why is it important?

    Visioning is so personal. Therefore it makes sense that only you can work out the ‘what’ for yourself. In my opinion, this book will enable you to find your ‘what’.

    I really liked the part in the book on ‘The Art of Suspending’, which invites the reader to imagine for a moment that the ‘wow’ is outsourced, whilst you are doing your creative work on the ‘what’. Well, I found myself momentarily drifting into the ‘how’ which clouded the imaginative and creative work I was trying to achieve in focusing on the ‘what’. I then recalled Glenn’s advice in the section on ‘The Art of Suspending’ and metaphorically put the ‘how’ aside, into an imaginary box.

    I pleasantly surprised myself that I was able to easily segregate the ‘how’ from the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, as instructed. The ideas and tools provided in this book helped me achieve this. Simple but sound advice for effective visioning – first just focus on your ‘what’.

    I can see how a qualified coach and/or mentor can then support you with fast-tracking the ‘how’, once you know ‘what’ you want in life, but are perhaps unsure ‘how’ to go about achieving it.

  5. John Carruthers

    Visioning is a lodestar for your dreams. For all of us. Every personal endeavour of significance starts with a spark – a vision if you like waiting to take flight. And that is what lies at the heart of Glenn’s book. It is a practical guide for finding yours. Glenn has done more than encourage us “to get busy living”: he has given us some practical steps to get started if we are a bit stuck. Which happens to all of us now and again! Glenn has also brought his process to life with personal stories of people who have found their direction – on a grand and everyday scale. So in some ways Glenn’s book sets off where Tim Ferris’ much-acclaimed “4 Hour Work Week“ leaves off. For what is all that productivity enhancement for, if we are absent that star in the night sky to guide us?

  6. Joseph Herold

    In “Visioning,” Glenn’s passion for helping people succeed shines through. Distilled within these pages, Glenn captures his experiences and insights garnered from years of helping scores of people (from executives to individuals) identify and focus on what’s truly important. He walks through the importance of visioning and provides a ready framework to help readers identify and enunciate where they see themselves in the future — both professionally and personally. As we’ve often heard, “if you don’t know where you’re going, then any path will get you there”. Readers of “Visioning” will learn how to identify their desired end state, so they can then work on how to achieve the success they envision.

  7. Diana Renner, author of Not Knowing: The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Possibility

    In his book, Visioning, Glenn has distilled years of experience coaching and mentoring leaders from across the sectors into a powerful and practical process to help us discover and embody our higher dream and purpose, to make a positive contribution in the world around us. An inspiring book!

  8. Sophie Moradi

    Glenn once asked me: “What is your vision for the coming year?”
    Me: “Uuuuumm, earn more money?”
    I realized then that I wasn’t completely satisfied with only cruising along.
    Living in the moment is good, but I wanted to do that WHILE also having a plan. 
    After reading his book I was on a high. “Putting the cook in the kitchen”, I literally painted by hand a vision of my life in 5 years.

  9. Scott Taylor

    Recently I was considering the choices I had available and how I wanted to transform. I wanted to make a difference and have a positive impact on the people & organisations I do business with. Without a vision I couldn’t determine if I was making progress or not so I went looking for a book on how to do this. I didn’t want a book that was as big as an encyclopedia, it needed to be short, sharp & to the point. Glenn’s book ticked those boxes and has taught me how to be the artist of my vision, how to pause and make wise decisions based on the vision I painted. The case studies were insightful and the extra tools & resources Glenn has made available are a great reflection of what Glenn knows everyday people like me need to transform.

  10. Franck Janet

    I have known Glenn Williams professionally and personally for many years. He has been working on this book for several years and it is a success. Glenn summarises his experience as a business and life coach in this beautiful book.

    I would advise you to buy the hardcover version – it is not only a great book, it is a beautiful object.

  11. Matthew Chun

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book which tackles a challenging subject in an inspiring and thought-provoking way. It has wide appeal. Whether you are at the start of your career or at a junction where it may be appropriate to change course, this book provides a good tool to help navigate through what can be an intimidating subject.

    I would highly recommend Visioning as a book that will be useful over and over to refresh and reinvigorate your vision.

  12. Paul Wheelton AM

    Visioning captures the essence of the need for powerful focusing in our lives. Working on the self first gives outstanding results across the spectrum of your life.
    Simple and easy to read it will be useful for all ages.

  13. Sabrina Simmons

    “VISIONING” captured my attention in more ways than one. The book gave me an interesting perspective on change and encourages you to take a good look into your life, your focus and mainly your VISION. I took a personal approach to the book, as it made me question my path to progress and purpose in life. I needed the challenge and this book gave it to me. Being a creative minded person, I not only enjoyed the read, but I loved it’s practicality within the mix of text and appropriate photography to make this book an easy read to a wide audience.
    The author, Glenn A. Williams has definitely made a statement with this book. It was balanced with enough information to make you ‘Stop’, ‘Think’ and ‘Act’. The hardcover book also makes a great gift. Set ideally as a coffee table book, it sits nicely on my ottoman and sparks up some good conversation over a nice glass of wine.

  14. Robert Sarafov

    I have read many books that largely deal with this topic, however VISIONING by Glenn A. Williams is the first that I believe focuses on the very real and personal aspects that lead one to effectively change the path they are on. Importantly it is not just about the destination (achieving a more rewarding and fulfilling life objective) but also about the journey. It is a book not filled with strategies taught in a business school classroom; rather it is grounded far more in the emotional engagement, the personal stories, the stuff of answering the question “what makes my life mean something?”. I commend it to anyone who is looking at making a fundamental life change, but who is not quite sure how to go about it.

  15. James O’Reilly

    Don’t be deceived about the value of this book by its relatively short length. Within its pages, Glenn has done a marvellous job of presenting his ideas. To be able to read a book in under two hours about a very challenging concept and then go away and undertake the recommended steps is fantastic. Compelling, eloquent, practical, instructional and inspiring reading for anyone looking to take their personal leadership to a new level.

  16. Angela Wheelton

    VISIONING provides many powerful messages on the subject of individual change in a simple yet elegant and succinct way. It is a fascinating read that can encourage a pathway for individuals to review and reassess life of the past, present and future to ultimately stimulate personal change. This book is a must read and I encourage you to do so.

  17. David Simpson

    If creating your vision is the destination, then Glenn’s book is a map. Rather than jumping into the jungle hoping to find the lost city of El Dorado I would strongly recommend buying this book. It doesn’t make it an easy journey per se, because defining that vision should be an exhaustive process on at least some level, but it lets you cut through the jungle and ford the rivers with the confidence that your compass needle points North and you will eventually find your prize.

  18. Paul Heubner

    Creating a vision for the future was a new learning area for me and as a tool, VISIONING was both an easy to follow guide and an inspiration at the same time. I have since gone on to share the book with my family members, who are all at differing stages of their journeys, and each one of them have remarked how valuable a resource the book is. I can certainly recommend the book and the path that it guides you on.

  19. Nev Bray

    I was tired, frustrated and resigned. I thought I was looking for change. After speaking with Glenn I read his book “Visioning” and everything was the same and yet everything was different. Yes I wanted change in my life, however change without a vision is just more of the same. I am reminded of the saying “The more things change the more they remain the same.”
    Having read Visioning I could see once again that something was possible. Something new, something exciting, something worth doing and having and it could be mine. Positive energy returned.
    I am not a big reader. So Visioning – having large fonts, lots of pictures and print on every second page – was my kind of book. I had it read in a few hours and I believe this to be one of the strengths of Visioning. It is short, direct, concise and provides a step-by-step process for creating a vision worth having; your vision.

  20. Sneha Diwakar

    The book does a beautiful job of helping you manoeuvre through the powerful concept of visioning. Having been exposed to the idea before reading the book, what I really appreciated is the fact that the reader is methodically taken through this introspective journey. The book gives you some great tips and tools to make the visioning process effective and enjoyable. The book is results driven and the author has a clear vision of what he wants the readers to get out of it. The length of the book is a testimony to this. I have read books that go on for pages and pages of repetitive information leaving me exhausted and none the wiser in the end. Hence, I really appreciated the format of this book that keeps the content crisp and palatable.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the real examples in the book and the great selection of quotes. The author’s true intention of helping the readers shines through. It’s not a just a self-help book; it’s a book that inspires you to explore your boundless potential.

  21. Ginni Saraswati

    There’s so many ways flow and abundance is explained, but I love the way Glenn explains the concept of “being in flow,” in a context that is so relatable to setting goals. This book was so easy to read, inspiring and most importantly, had a practical tool kit to guide you on the path to “visioning,” with clarity. With the fonts and pictures, my inner child also was heavily engaged in this book because it allowed me to be at the essence of what I love doing most – creating. Highly recommend this book!

  22. Rita Cincotta

    This book helped me to work through what I am really striving for, encapsulating all facets of my life. It encourages you to think broadly, creatively and vividly. I am now more confident in articulating my vision and I can therefore actively work to pursue it because of the clarity I have gained through this process. I have recommended this book to a number of people whom I also know have had a positive experience. It is a simple yet powerful book which supports the journey of visioning well. I know I will go back to this book time and time again to help me tune into my vision when I need to.

  23. Tiffany Mazaras

    Visioning offers a refreshing and unique approach to evaluating your life and creating an actionable plan to achieve your goals. My favorite part about Glenn’s methodology is the emphasis and importance he places upon being in the right mindset and feeling aligned before visioning. Visioning is not something that should be rushed or forced, it is critical that you feel rested, relaxed, nourished, happy and are in a physical space that is energizing and positive before a visioning session. Glenn understands the importance of alignment before action, and the power of writing your vision in the present tense. This book has given me the tools I need to evaluate my life and goals, and the courage and confidence to pursue my dreams. This is a must read!

  24. Basil Tambanis

    Williams distils the art of visioning into a simple methodology that has the potential to change anyone’s life. Follow his process to create a powerful vision that embodies your values and purpose for a more fulfilled approach to living. As a corporate advisor, I keep this book on my desk and refer to it regularly.

  25. Olivia Myers

    ‘Visioning’ is an insightful and inspirational read. It is full of engaging, and at times confrontational questions, that help you to consider what is truly holding you back from attaining your goals. Williams has managed to write a clear, concise and comprehensive actionable book that is full of supportive tips and advice. This book will challenge you, captivate you, and will help you to thrive. A must read!

  26. Theo Laurent

    Visioning is not only a personal development methodology, it motivated and supported me to reflect more deeply on my own existence. Indeed, this book was very helpful to me during a key moment in my life: the critical choice of which master degree program to pursue in France as a 23 year old. The advice and counsel provided in “Visioning” helped me organize my ideas to discover the vision that was deeply rooted in me. Thanks to Glenn’s approach I was able to clearly define my expectations, my desires and my dreams – both on a professional and personal level. This book guided (and continues to guide) me to put into action the vision I have for my own life. I am very pleased to have benefited from the wisdom in Visioning at a relatively young age.

  27. Chris Bucello

    Visioning is a very special book. It made me reflect on such a deep level as to what I really want in life and the legacy I want to leave. Williams’ wise words have sparked my creative side and inspired me to not be afraid of pursuing my dreams. The insight from this book will challenge your being, and help you see a clear path to succeeding at any goal you aspire to achieve. Thanks for writing this book and sharing your extraordinary insight Glenn.

  28. Susan Cliff

    Dare to live your dreams? Envisioning them is the critical first step in the path to achieving them, as Glenn eloquently explains in his beautifully presented book “Visioning”. Dreams can become reality. Glenn shares his understanding of how the universe works. Importantly, you might just find that he inspires you to have the courage and create the clarity required to bring your dreams into reality. What a breath of fresh air. You can do it!
    I’ve seen first-hand over the course of several decades how Glenn has worked with many people who have reaped the benefits of his extensive knowledge and qualifications since opening his business nLIVEn in 2000. Now that experience of visioning can be yours too, as Glenn has generously written about his insights into visioning and how it works, in his newly published book.
    I believe this is ground breaking stuff. To benefit, all it needs from you as the reader, is to concentrate and maybe re-read the bits that are so different to your normal way of thinking.
    After reading Glenn’s book, it struck me that visioning is essentially seeing reality before it happens. This book asks us to think way outside the square – but in simple and achievable terms.
    Are you prepared to read this book with an open mind?
    If so, maybe your dreams could be yours (and maybe sooner than you realise, with further explanation from Glenn).
    Everyone who believes in a life full of possibilities should read this book.
    Yours sincerely,
    Susan P. Cliff
    P.S. Don’t leave this book on your coffee table until you have read it.

  29. Dr Gillian Singleton, CEO In2health

    ‘Visioning – Creating the life of your dreams’ provides an inspiring insight into why it is so difficult for many of us to step off the ‘busyness’ treadmill of our daily lives to clarify our ‘what’ and ‘why’. Glenn’s years of training and refining his skills via coaching successful executives shine through in this book. He inspires the reader to not get stuck in the ‘how’, thereby enabling ourselves to connect to our values and to live a life of purpose and fulfilment. I am so grateful to Glenn, both for the wisdom he has shared in this book and for his coaching, which have helped me get out of my own way. I’ve stepped out of the traditional career path that I was on into a much more exciting and energising journey. You are an inspiration Mr Williams.

  30. Paul Heath

    I participated in one of Glenn’s programs back in 2004. The program included working through the visioning process outlined so well in this book. I must admit that after the initial program was completed I seldom took the opportunity to go back to the plan I created to achieve that vision.
    Recently, I took the opportunity to reflect on that early work I did with nLIVEn and was pleasantly surprised to discover that most of the objectives that I had set out to achieve for myself and my life had in fact materialised, even without a conscious effort to manage myself to that plan. I think that this demonstrates how truly valuable it is to take the time out to go through the process Glenn recommends in the book Visioning. It provides you with clarity on what is important to have in your life, and equally, what is important to remove from your life. I believe that this clarity subconsciously drove me to achieve the things that I had set out to achieve.
    I highly recommend this book and also the work nLIVEn does to anyone who is interested in living a life they love, and one that they choose.

  31. Duane Wolowiec

    I really enjoyed reading Visioning and in fact I have now read the book twice! My wife Annette also read the book and she got so much out of it. I have always found goal setting and articulating my vision quite difficult as I lacked the framework and appropriate steps to create a clear plan. Your step-by-step guide made this process a walk in the park! I really liked the fact that you shared with us a couple examples from your clients of how they have created their own vision. This gave me the confidence to dream bigger than ever before. I am absolutely committed to becoming the best version of myself and after reading Visioning I know just how to start my journey. As a Director of Marshall White Real Estate in Melbourne, I am also excited about sharing the process of visioning with our entire team to help inspire us to continuously reimagine and strive towards building enduring relationships with our clients.
    Thank you, Glenn. I really appreciate your help!

  32. Jennifer Wang

    Glenn’s book “Visioning” provides a set of practical techniques to help people create a personal vision for themselves. For example, a four stage process: Discovering; Designing; Developing; Delivering. It was also interesting to see some actual examples of other people’s visions, then reflect on the differences between other people’s visions and mine.

  33. Raj Subramaniam

    I thoroughly enjoyed the process of unravelling my dreams…. filtering out the noise, suppressing the pessimist, in me… it has given real-hope to my hopes… that were bottled away, forever. I can already feel the freedom… just from knowing that I have a choice… of NOT falling into a rut… and the POWER to alter my default setting.
    With your guidance Glenn, I will do all it takes and deliver on my responsibilities as a dad, partner, son and brother. Thanks for sharing your ideas so eloquently with the world via this book Glenn. Inspiring stuff!

  34. Tom Stray

    A thought-provoking read and a fresh look at self-motivation. After reading Glenn’s book “Visioning” and implementing the process discussed therein, I was able to get a much clearer understanding of where I wanted to be in 10 years. While this is a ‘nice to have’, I found (as Glenn explains so well), the enormous value in using the clarity of my documented vision as a tool for current decision making, strategy selection and path creation. It has given me a consistent reference point for decisions big and small, plus allowed me to move forward with more purpose and confidence. A very valuable read for anyone who wants to better themselves.

  35. Angela Nesbitt

    This clear, logical, quick read gets under your skin and seeps in to your heart. Glenn’s style is gentle, practical and inviting. It’s an invitation to wholeheartedly make a commitment to be accountable for your future. All of the steps are laid out in the book. Plus, if you request, Glenn will personally guide you to become crystal clear and to take consistent action towards the fulfilment of your vision for your life and/or business.

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