Our Programs

Since 2000, nLIVEn has been providing access to a range of high performance tools and programs for individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

Clients work within a mix of structured and customized frameworks that have been proven to effectively transfer skills, inspire greater personal and professional satisfaction, and achieve meaningful outcomes.

In meeting the needs of each client, nLIVEn is a friend collaborator, advisor, supporter and champion, whether it’s:

  • Regaining and maximizing motivation and energy
  • Establishing a new business
  • Taking your existing business to new levels
  • developing management and leadership skills
  • Assisting a personal or professional transition

nLIVEn has four pathways to prosperity, each of which is detailed within this section and has been developed to meet a wide range of individuals needs.


Professional Partnerships Program

Unique to nLIVEn and the result of many years’ planning and experience, the program has been carefully structured to provide an optimum blend of coaching, mentoring, training and development.

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Situational Troubleshooting

Situational Troubleshooting programs offered by nLIVEn act as a responsive and objective sounding board to help you confidently and swiftly navigate a path to a specific end goal.

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Specialty Programs

nLIVEn’s specialty programs are a diverse suite of complementary products and services that target specific needs. They have been designed to support participants in our Professional Partnership Programs but can also act as stand alone resources.

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“LIVE” The Brand

nLIVEn works with organisations to identify and solve problems, improve productivity and enhance performance – the stepping stones to creating a winning culture.

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How to find out which program is right for you ?

Based on your current situation and your most important objectives, perhaps one program would best address your individual needs over another. We have created a comparison table to help you understand who each program was designed for.