Change Ready Review Program

Navigating change can be one of the most difficult challenges people face – both at professionally in their work and personally in their lives. We either progress or regress depending on the quality of the choices we make (or don’t make).

4D Change

The 4 Dimensional Change Model invented by Glenn Williams is designed to simplify the complexity of leading change initiatives. In four distinct steps it creates a more memorable and therefore valuable approach. The purpose of the “Change Ready Review” program is to assist business owners and executives understand and assess the readiness of their team / organisation to successfully engage with change in an adaptive way. The program is comprised of four key components:

  • Information, tools and resources for designing and creating a plan customised to your individual situation and needs
  • Electronic templates that allow you to organise and present the contents of your plan
  • Four coaching/mentoring sessions with a senior practitioner (a professional coach/mentor with over ten years experience)
  • Ad-hoc telephone, email and fax support (during business hours) between sessions to assist you overcome any obstacles you encounter in preparing your plan

The Change Ready Review Program is a specialised version of the Leader’s Edge Program, which has three formats / pricing options.


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