Team's Management Profile

Improve your team’s productivity!

The Team Management Profile (TMP) is an exciting way to help your team achieve and maintain peak performance. Adapated for the workplace from the original work of Carl Jung and reviewed by the British Psychological Society, TMP is a robust profiling tool designed to improve teamwork through a better understanding of:

  • Work preferences
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Decision making
  • Leadership strengths
  • Job analysis
  • Project management

TMP is written using straightforward, positive language. It takes just 15 minutes to complete the survey. Results are delivered by an nLIVEn practitioner in one-on-one or group debriefing sessions incorporating team overlays. Each participant receives a personalised report and workbook to promote further self study.

There are a range of benefits for both individuals and organisations, including:

  • Improved communication and understanding ot the importance of diversity
  • Unique insight into team balance, conflict resoultion and personal development

A complete approach to assembling, building and maintaining high-energy teams, TMP is easy to use, straightforward to interpret and has lasting value for teams and the individuals that comprise them.

How does it work?




By analysing the eight types of work that define the critical
tasks of a team, TMP highlights your major role preference
and two related roles for discussing your approach to work
and your interactions with others in the workplace.
The “linker” role at the centre is the responsibility of all team
members. Linking skills encompass people, tasks and leadership.






Your roles on the Team Management Wheel reflect
your preferred approach to work in four different areas:



Your TMP by nLIVEn

Introducing our TMP practitioners

nLIVEn is licensed and accredited to offer the TMP suite of products. Since 2000, nLIVEn has been providing access to a range of high performance tool and programs for individuals, teams, organisations and communities. Our mix of structured and customised frameworks are proven to effectively transfer skillls, promote exceptional outcomes and inspire greater personal and professional satisfaction.


Glenn Williams


Glenn founded nLIVEn with a desire to energise and inspire people and organisations
to fulfil their vision.

Management consulting and CEO roles in Australasia and Europe combine with management
training to provide Glenn with the platform to offer programs that promote successful leadership
and inspire powerful outcomes.


Azita Moradi


In her work as a professional supervisor, Azita brings a deep understanding of the psychology
involved in facilitating sustainable change.

By drawing upon Azita’s training, experience and continued practice as a doctor, psychiatrist,
mentor and lecturer, nLIVEn takes a scientific yet holistic approach to assisting its clients in
achieving and maintaining high performance.

Melinda Spry

Melinda Spry


With qualifications in education, training, HR and organisational change, Melinda provides
a distinctive approach to understanding and developing effective teams and high performing
individuals. Melinda’s experience in education and business supports individuals and groups
in reaching theur maximum potential.

Packages and Pricing

nLIVEn can design a program for improving your team’s productivity that is tailored to your unique needs. The following examples are designed to give you an idea of how you can get started with the TMP tool.

Individuals-For Business Owners, Managers, Independent Professionals

  • Personalised TMP report and workbook for one person
  • 50 minutes debriefing session, face to face at nLIVEn or by telephone
  • $765 inc. GST

Small Team-For Business Partners, Project Teams, Life Partner

  • Personalised TMP reports and workbook for two-to-six people
  • Briefing session to design your group workshop with your nLIVEn practitioner
  • Half-day teamp development workshop, team overlays, on-site or at nLIVEn
  • $715 inc. GST per person

Medium Sized Teams-For Boards, Management Teams, Departments

    • Personalised TMP reports and workbooks for six-to-twelve people
    • Individual debriefing session for the team leader of project leader
    • Briefing sessions to design your group workshop with your nLIVEn practitioner
    • 1-2 day team development workshop including team overlays, facilitated by 1-2 nLIVEn practitioners, conducted on-site, at nLIVEn or at an alternative off-site location
    • 1-4 50 minute follow on coaching sessions with your team leader or project manager
    • Prices available based on program design
“nLIVEn provided TMP to our entrepreneurial leadership program. It assisted us to leverage our combined preferences within our business and community projects.”

Rebecca, Senior Manager, banking

“Utilizing TMP, our management team now works together more effectively. We have empowered the leaders within our businesses to manage day-to-day affairs, freeing me up to plan our future.”

Paul, Chairman, Transport Franchise

“My wife and I found TMP accurate in assessing our interactions and potential pitfalls in communication and collaboration – which is not immediately apparent in MBTI and other instruments.”

Andrew, Clinical Dean, Hospital


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