Many successful professionals would like to serve on boards. They are attracted to non-executive directorship opportunities to:

  • Continue developing their careers and leadership capacity
  • Transition from full-time executive roles to part-time non-executive roles as they move into the next stage of their life
  • Leverage their wealth of knowledge and experience in a way that meaningfully contributes back to society

However, despite their aspirations, pursuing a director’s path is unfamiliar and challenging territory. Even accomplished leaders can find it difficult to objectively assess and articulate their proposition to prospective boards. Although they would like to be sought out for such opportunities, they recognize that they will need to successfully market themselves. This can be a confronting prospect as it often involves cultivating a new portfolio of skills and tools to navigate unchartered territory.

There is a lot of information available from books, courses and website to prospective directors interested in getting onto boards. However, there is not a lot of practical implementation assistance available to aspiring directors wishing to fast track their ambitions. nLIVEn has developed a specialty program, drawing on the expertise of our associates in this area, called The Director’s Path.

The Director’s Path Program

The Director’s Path Program was developed by nLIVEn to assist prospective directors catalyse their development. The program blends personal and professional development to assist participants make a successful career transition into directorship.

The purpose of the program is to assist talented individuals crystallize the formulation of their goals, dreams, aspirations and vision into a working plan that can be articulated with the assistance of an experienced professional coach/mentor/facilitator/chairman. It aims to define, design and develop a clear pathway to securing suitable non-executive directorships for aspirant professionals. Importantly though, it also provides periodic accountability and support to ensure you walk that path and fulfil your plan.

The program is comprised of four key distinct stages. Some of the components of each stage include:

1. Packaging
•  Reviewing and refining your Executive CV
Developing and / or augmenting your Director CV
•  Articulating and précising your brand proposition
•  Preparing your Profile
•  Using your Profile on LinkedIn

2. Marketing
•  Analysing and determining your ideal fit with a short-list of industries / sectors
•  G
ap analysis of skills, experience, qualifications to define a product development strategy
•  Designing and documenting a simple, practical twelve-month marketing action plan
•  Interview training and rehearsal

3. Engaging
•  Networking and pitching
Garnering endorsements, letters of recommendation and other support
•  Maintaining accountability for implementing your marketing action plan
•  Interview preparation and debriefing

4. Negotiating
•  Reviewing and assessing offers
•  Communicating and managing expectations
•  Reviewing contracts and offer documents
•  Due diligence on prospective boards / board members / organizations
•  Decision making support

How is the The Director’s Path Program delivered?

The Director’s Path Program is comprised of four key components:

1INFORMATION, TOOLS AND RESOURCES for designing and creating a plan customised to your individual situation and needs.
2ELECTRONIC TEMPLATES that allow you to organise your information and present the contents of your plan in a clear and structured format.
3PROFESSIONAL COACHING with a senior coach/mentor with over ten years experience.
4SUPPORT via telephone and email between sessions (business hours) to assist you overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

The tuition for “Stage 1 – Packaging” of The Director’s Path Program depends on the level of support you prefer:

  • Standard:
    Provides a basic packaging service including reviewing and refining your Executive CV, developing and / or augmenting your Director CV, articulating and précising your brand proposition / elevator pitch, a preliminary marketing audit.
  • Extended:
    In addition to the features outlined above, preparing a cover letter template, preparing and posting your Profile on LinkedIn
  • Premium:
    Expands on the second option by adding in assistance in curating a professional photograph, endorsements of your profile on LinkedIn, debriefing your preliminary marketing audit.

The great thing about “Stage 1 – Packaging” of The Director’s Path Program is that all we need to get started is:

  1. A completed program application form
  2. Payment

Please let us know if you have any further questions. If you would like to proceed simply confirm which of the three levels of support you would prefer during your registration process.

If this is not your first program with nLIVEn, your previous completed application forms will be used and the terms & conditions of our programs remain the same unless otherwise advised.

The fixed pricing for these different service levels is as follows:

  • Payment terms are 100% in advance when purchasing this program.

$1,995 including GST

$2,495 including GST

$2,995 including GST

Pricing includes Information, Tools and Resources + Electronic templates + Support.

Are you ready?

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What is the enrolment process?

Introduction Call

Contact nLIVEn on +61 (3) 9889 7777 to book a 20-minute introduction call. We will discuss a broad outline of what you would like to achieve from the Program.

Initial Consultation

Schedule a 50 minute session with your coach, either at nLIVEn, by telephone or Skype to discuss the design of your program. We will send you a checklist of materials that your coach needs to review beforehand.

Program Registration

Choose the best package for your circumstances. Process payment in full. Fill in and submit registration forms.

Program Setup

Schedule your first session with your coach, or all dates at once if you prefer.

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