Success is Changing Dinner Series | What Is Your vision?

Australian Private Capital & nLIVEn are proud to invite you to Success Is Changing a series of private dinner events held at Melbourne Business School in 2018-2019.

These events explore the principal challenge facing business leaders today. In simple terms, success today does not guarantee success tomorrow. The life expectancy of Fortune 500 companies is falling. The average tenure of CEOs is also falling.

The third event of the series focuses on “What Is Your Vision?”.

As an adult, how have you felt when someone has asked you that directly? The question greets us suddenly and in a number of forms. But the intent is the same – and we know it. It is a query about the clarity and intent with which we are living our lives.

For most people, it is the most confronting question they could be asked. It is no more confronting than the variant we were asked as children – about when we grow up – but as adults it has added resonance.

The notion of vision presents us with an enduring question: What shifts us beyond our thoughts and feelings to a state of knowing? It is intriguing to think that we could more regularly ask this of ourselves in our daily lives. The result would be experiencing a greater sense of flow in how we pursue our goals and objectives.

What most of us need is hope. We need to accept that believing in something better can at some level help make it so. In fact, we need reminding that when it comes to our own lives this is the only case. Without our own belief and concerted action, we can hardly hope for more than inertia – but with it we can expect for the very best.

I have experienced first-hand the joys and challenges of leading change. I have led fast-growth companies and consulted to a range of award-winning enterprises. All of which culminated in me founding nLIVEn in 2000, a leadership coaching and management consulting firm. Here I devote my time to assisting CEOs and boards take a more strategic approach to successfully navigating change.

In my book “Visioning”, I reveal the philosophy and process I use to help leaders develop a deeper level of engagement with their lives, careers and organisations. A new level of personal leadership is a precursor to a new level of interpersonal leadership.

In this talk, I will share about the impact of visioning in my own life and those of my clients, to help you better understand the duality of your roles, as both sense maker and sense giver, within the organisation you lead.

I invite you to join me at this intimate upcoming dinner event which will be held on Wednesday 31st October, between 6:00pm – 9:00pm in the AT Kearny room at Melbourne Business School. We believe this relevant topic for you is a great opportunity to visit the Melbourne Business School and network with alumni who are also business leaders, like you.

Tickets can be purchased at

These events provide a special opportunity for clients and friends of nLIVEn to bring a guest along if they wish – someone they think could benefit from being aware of the programs and services provided by nLIVEn. Please let me know if this would be of interest to you?

Please register promptly to avoid disappointment as the event will sell out.


Book: Visioning by Glenn A. Williams

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