Success Is Changing

What is the principal challenge facing business leaders today?

The answer most management experts will give you is that “success is changing”. In simple terms, success today does not guarantee success tomorrow. The life expectancy of Fortune 500 companies is falling. The average tenure of CEOs is falling. Disruption and non-linear change are now the norm, as Blockbuster, Nokia and Kodak came to appreciate.

Success for a CEO, Managing Director, Chairperson or even a rising manager is changing. It’s shifting rapidly in many different dimensions as the world around each of us evolves. In fact, change has become pervasive – surrounding us in every aspect of our lives. It’s in our workplace, in our home, in our shopping centre and even at our gym. Automation is creeping in with artificial intelligence integrating with everything we do. Wherever we frequent, change will increasingly confront us. Think driverless cars. Think digital currencies. Think personal digital companions that augment our humanity.

So, for us to be successful in anything we do in life, we need to adapt to change. As managers, we need to get people to embrace rather than resist change. As such, this demands that people have more than just a positive attitude towards change. It means fostering a new, shared, fundamental appreciation: that success is the capacity to naturally adapt to change. Furthermore, it requires embedding the principles of adapting into the DNA of our organisations.

To stay ahead of the continual shifts happening both inside and outside our organisations, we need to keep reinventing ourselves. In doing so, we shall develop our ability to adapt – our AdaptAbility. Understanding and harnessing AdaptAbility is the key to unlocking many opportunities in the future. It will guide, direct and keep us on our pathway to prosperity. It will prevent failure from creeping in. It will allow us to keep our visions alive and active, so our lives, careers and organisations are more productive, along with the communities around us.

“Success Is Changing” is a series of three talks by Glenn A. Williams discussing:

  1. Why CEOs Fail
  2. Unlocking Your AdaptAbility
  3. What Is Your Vision?

Throughout the talks, Glenn shares his experience and philosophy on the nature of adapting. Glenn, who has experienced first-hand the joys and challenges of leading change, has also witnessed rapid growth. He has led fast-growth companies and consulted to a range of award-winning enterprises. All, of which, have culminated in Glenn founding nLIVEn in 2000, a leadership coaching and management consulting firm. Here Glenn devotes his time to assisting CEOs and boards take a more strategic approach to successfully navigating change.

Over his years as a leadership coach, Glenn has collaborated with a broad cross section of executives from a diverse array of industries, both locally and internationally. His clients include Ford, Nintendo, Swinburne University, Zoos Victoria, ANZ Bank, Basketball Victoria and Budget Car Rental. Together, Glenn and each business have sought to understand and overcome the challenges executives face in managing and leading their enterprises, which, in turn improves their lives outside the office. Glenn helps others by integrating coaching, mentoring, consulting and training to assist organisations in understanding their real assets and how to profit from them. A former CEO of several companies, Glenn has also served as a non-executive director (often as Chairman) of thirteen boards.

Glenn formally studied management, leadership and coaching at the Melbourne Business School in Australia, ESSEC in France, as well as at Harvard University and CoachU in the USA. The author of many books, essays and blogs that integrate personal and professional development, Glenn is based in Melbourne, Australia, and works with clients globally.

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