Successful to Significant

There comes a point in the journey of successful people where pursuing profit for the sake of more profit starts to lose its meaning and satisfaction. Beyond the pursuit of profit, however, lies the pathway to prosperity.

Prosperity is a very personal subject with very few people taking the time to delve more deeply into the subject of their own happiness. We are bombarded with incessant advertising and a modern culture that constantly attempts to seduce us with material expressions of success. With these forces at work, it is easy to unconsciously become a collector of the symbols of success, which should not be mistaken for the pathway to prosperity.

Finding Pathways to Prosperity

There are many different pathways to prosperity in life. Choosing which of these pathways to take is one of the things you simply can’t outsource. However, professional assistance is available to support successful people in making this choice.

Do you feel like it’s time to get personal and discover a deeper sense of what prosperity means to you?

When leaders create that level of insight and foresight, they are able to narrow their choices down to a half a dozen options to take them from successful to significant. Once they understand how to consider each of these scenarios clearly and separately, arriving at the right choice becomes a natural part of responding and adapting to change.

The process outlined in the forthcoming book, Adapt, by Glenn Williams, teaches people how to identify and develop the confidence and courage required to define a choice and map the journey on their life’s path.


The Transition from Successful to Significant

Successful to Significant is a specialty program offered through nLIVEn, drawing on Glenn’s extensive experience of having served on more than ten boards as a non-executive Director and Chairman. This program provides pioneering leaders with complete support via a dedicated collaborative partner who can assist them navigate their leadership journey. Designed for CEOs, Chairpersons and Social Entrepreneurs, the program aids in shifting focus from profit to purpose. Participants are rewarded with the development and refinement of their core messages, presentation and critical thinking skills, with focus on the following:

  • Deepening your sense of clarity and vision
  • Designing and facilitating strategic dialogue
  • Improving focus and catalysing decision making
  • Elevating engagement through improved planning
  • Advanced productivity for peak performance

Are you ready to transition from a focus on wealth to one of greater wisdom?

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