Are You Determined To Not Be An Impostor

Are You Determined To Not Be An Impostor?

When you are promoted to the position of CEO, MD or chairman, it is imperative that you adapt. You need to successfully navigate a risky period of transition in the evolution of your career. On one hand, everything you have ever done prepares you for becoming a CEO, MD or chairman – but on the […]

Adapt or Perish

CEOs need to be equipped to lead their organisations in a way that allows people and systems to evolve by adapting both to internal and external changes facing their organisations. The only true source of sustainable and competitive advantage is the capacity to adapt. Adapting Think about the notion of change management; it really applies […]

The nLIVEn Poem

There is a magical space inside which you can generate, collaborate and appreciate – Where new things are possible and success becomes more probable. You need a tipping point to adapt to the changes in your habitat Where energy and inspiration flow To help you flourish and grow Happily – As you transform rapidly. You’ll […]

CEOs and Caterpillars

My original training was in biology. Since then I’ve worked in management and leadership roles as a consultant, as a CEO, as an entrepreneur / business owner. If you think about the fundamental intentions of both business and biology it’s initially to survive and then ultimately to thrive. Becoming a CEO Caterpillars are pretty slow […]

Adapting to Change

Some executives thrive in times of change. Others fail. Is it lack of vision or strategy? Rarely. Sustained high performance demands consistent execution. In a volatile and uncertain world of escalating complexity and increasing ambiguity, we need dynamic people and enterprises that competently adapt to change. Download the full article here… The Story of Adapting […]

Managing Boundaries

Many executives and entrepreneurs struggle to manage their boundaries. The most common complaint I hear from them (and their life partners) is “I find it really hard to switch off from my work / business”. If you are working excessive hours, neglecting your health and well being or struggling to get a good night’s sleep, […]

Transformational Changes for the Four Habitats

For any organism to survive and thrive, its rate of adapting has to be equal to, or greater than, the rate of change in its environment – i.e. A ≥ C. This applies regardless of whether that organism is a single-celled bacteria, and individual person or a multinational corporation. Sometimes people have come with a […]

Are You Happy?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  It is thought that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single image. With this phrase in mind, this blog post is going to be intentionally short. We wanted to share a simple but provocative infographic that one of our suppliers, Melissa from […]

Successful to Significant

There comes a point in the journey of successful people where pursuing profit for the sake of more profit starts to lose its meaning and satisfaction. Beyond the pursuit of profit, however, lies the pathway to prosperity. Prosperity is a very personal subject with very few people taking the time to delve more deeply into […]