The 4 Day Work Week Bootcamp

The 4 Day Work Week Bootcamp

I wanted to let you know about a new program I am launching in March 2017 that I thought might be of interest to you, called “The 4 Day Work Week Bootcamp”. Over the past two decades, I’ve consulted to and coached hundreds of CEOs, boards, managers, business owners and independent professionals. The consistent challenge: […]

Defining the Executive

Coaching 303 – Coaching The Executive

In Coaching 101, I provided an introduction to Professional Coaching, explaining what it is and how it helps people. I distinguished the two major branches of Professional Coaching: Personal Coaching and Business Coaching. In Coaching 202, I described three categories of coaching: Skills Coaching Performance Coaching Developmental Coaching In Coaching 303, I want to focus on […]

Why Do CEO’s Need Coaches / Mentors?

In the April 2015 issue, The Harvard Business Review published an article entitled “CEOs Need Mentors Too”. Of the CEO’s interviewed; they claimed that thanks to their mentors: Performance had significantly improved (71%) They were making better decisions (69%) More than anything else, they credited their mentors to helping them avoid costly mistakes and being […]

The Why CEOs Fail Toolkit

The Why CEOs Fail Toolkit is a personal set of resources specifically designed to help you apply five lessons for becoming a better CEO. In the special report entitled “Why CEOs Fail”, I outline a handful of practical steps you can take to avoid becoming the bottleneck when growing your business. You may have found […]

Why CEOs Fail

To better understand what makes some people succeed in the role of CEO where others don’t, I’ve made it my business to extensively examine Why CEOs Fail. The answers were not things I learned at business school. Decoding the most common causes of failure came from my ‘front-line’ work as a leadership coach and management […]