The 4D Change Model and your Personal Goals

We often speak in terms of applying the 4D Change Model to your professional objectives and obstacles, however it can just as easily be applied to any situation. Jesse Falk was fortunate enough to sit down with Glenn Williams recently to discuss her ideas for improved personal health and wellbeing and has happily provided an […]

Benjamin Bader gives his take on our 6-Part Meeting Series

In response to our 6-part series titled “Get the Most out of Meetings”, our guest article contributor Benjamin Bader writes: Meetings are a subject of which I have a lot of passion. In many cases, meetings are a big waste of time – for the attendees who don’t get anything out of them (or bring […]

Deliver your best performance in meetings (Part 5 of 6)

In this blog post, I’ll spell out Step 4 of my 4-Step Process for getting the most out of meetings … top tips and techniques I have discovered, invented and developed over several decades. These are the principles I use to keep expanding my capacity to achieve more with less. I would love to hear […]

Introduction to the 4D Change Model

What is the 4D Change Model? It is often not until we put pen to paper and write out our goals that we can begin to chart the journey and map out the steps required to champion our own success. The 4D Change Model (4-Dimensional Change Model) was invented by Glenn Williams and is designed […]