Are You Ready For Business Executive Coaching?

Are you struggling with strategic problems… Making the best decision on a promotion or job offer? Understanding how settle into your new CEO or executive role? Reinventing yourself for a new market or industry? Losing out to a competitor on a promotion or opportunity? Trying to assemble the knowledge and skills you’ll need to win […]

Did you know that behind every brilliant manager is an executive coach?

The Coaching Buyer’s Guide: What Could A Coach Do For You?

Did you know that behind every brilliant manager is an executive coach? Gaining traction as a highly effective business tool in recent years, executive coaches have now become an essential for organisations that wish to create and maintain a successful, high-performance culture. After all, the pressures faced by a leader in today’s fast-paced world are […]

5 Ways To Afford Coaching

5 Ways To Afford Coaching

How To Make Hiring An Executive Or Business Coach Affordable You’ve heard great things from multiple people about the value they are getting from working with their executive or business coach. You’ve accepted that having your own professional coach is a good idea. You’ve even been introduced to a great coach and you’re satisfied that […]

Defining the Executive

Coaching 303 – Coaching The Executive

In Coaching 101, I provided an introduction to Professional Coaching, explaining what it is and how it helps people. I distinguished the two major branches of Professional Coaching: Personal Coaching and Business Coaching. In Coaching 202, I described three categories of coaching: Skills Coaching Performance Coaching Developmental Coaching In Coaching 303, I want to focus on […]

Are You Determined To Not Be An Impostor

Are You Determined To Not Be An Impostor?

When you are promoted to the position of CEO, MD or chairman, it is imperative that you adapt. You need to successfully navigate a risky period of transition in the evolution of your career. On one hand, everything you have ever done prepares you for becoming a CEO, MD or chairman – but on the […]