How To Encourage Engagement

The idea of employee engagement has become a hot topic yet largely elusive concept in recent years, popularized by the Gallup Organisation and their strengths based approach to talent development. To deliver excellent outcomes, CEOs need to be able to encourage engagement at all levels of the organization on every task and project. I know […]

Do You Suffer from a Lack of Focus?

You would not be the first executive I have diagnosed with Executive Attention Deficit Disorder (EADD) – a condition I coined for the negative cumulative effect of having to constantly make important decisions that periodically affects executives and entrepreneurs alike. You may recognise some of the following feelings associated with a loss of focus; frustration, […]

Changing Oneself

Last month, I was invited by one of my clients to speak to a forum of company directors on the subject of “Identifying Personal Roadblocks”. I was pleased by their choice of topic, as it revealed some insight into the intimate connection between personal and professional development. I’ve been reflecting on the presentation I gave […]