Cone of Silence

Do you need to retreat to the ‘cone of silence’ more often?

Former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, says she wishes she did. Gillard, now chair of the Global Partnership for Education, recently told a Melbourne audience that three leadership lessons had crystalised for her during her short-lived time as prime minister: the importance of having a sense of purpose, knowing the difference between what she termed “the urgent and […]

Are Your Thoughts Killing You?

Michael Mosley goes on a personal quest to find out what defines our personalities and behaviour and asks can we change who we are for the better? Michael Mosley is a British television journalist, producer and presenter who has worked for the BBC since 1985. He is probably best known as a presenter of television […]

Dealing with Oneself

There are times in our lives when the biggest challenge we face is dealing with ourselves. Rather than an external obstacle to progress, how you metaphorically “get yourself out of the way” determines the difference between whether you succeed or fail to execute the task at hand. The Two-Sided Racquet Back in 1972, a revolutionary […]

Watches, Bracelets and Smartphones: the fitness revolution

Smartphone-connected watches have come a long way since the introduction of heart-rate monitors and GPS trackers. In the last decade, the industry has been dominated by brands such as Polar, Garmin and Timax, offering a variety of styles often with accompanying electrode chest strap which would “talk” to the watch and output your pulse in […]