Are You a Change Taker, or a Change Maker?

Change is a part of life, and in today’s world change happens faster than ever. This break-neck pace of change can be overwhelming to CEOs who resist it, and in order to be effective in our roles, we have to learn to competently and comfortably manage and adapt to change. Individuals will need to adapt, […]

How to Harness Untapped Potential

How to Harness Untapped Potential

People say that running a business is a lonely journey. But that’s the case only if you let it be. To run a successful organisation, it’s your responsibility to surround yourself with other people, with different mindsets, talents, strengths and ambitions. And it’s also your responsibility to harness their leadership potential… natural or otherwise. Understanding […]

Coaching 101

Coaching 101 – An introduction to Professional Coaching

Coaching is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Coaching is something that parents, teachers, tutors, managers, consultants and board members do day-to-day when they invest time in improving other people’s performance. There are a couple fundamental differences between coaching and […]

Promoting Performance

Promoting Performance – Leveraging Teams

As CEOs, our job is to keep our businesses healthy, which means growing, evolving, adapting and coming up with creative solutions to problems, leading to success and profit. Yet at times, it is undeniable that we ourselves or our respective organisations get stuck. This is perfectly natural, and rather than panic when this happens we […]

How To Encourage Engagement

The idea of employee engagement has become a hot topic yet largely elusive concept in recent years, popularized by the Gallup Organisation and their strengths based approach to talent development. To deliver excellent outcomes, CEOs need to be able to encourage engagement at all levels of the organization on every task and project. I know […]

Your Life As Art

Your Life As Art

If you are a person with formal authority in your organisation, it is likely that you have a vision for the enterprise, or at least your “corner” of it. That’s great (and essential) but it also becomes easy to see those working for you as an extension of you. They become part of your own […]

Keeping Your Promises

This one might sound like a no-brainer, but it is still an effective and yet (too often) overlooked step. By showing that you can keep your word, you build up a culture of trust. We have all seen business owners and executives who might have great intentions, but are not reliable enough to follow through […]

Inverting the Pyramid

When you think about a typical organisation chart, it looks like a pyramid, with the people in senior leadership and management positions at the top of the pyramid. As you work your way down, you’ll find customer service staff and administrative employees at the bottom. In other words, the “big wigs” are at the top, […]

Weeding The Garden

The average workday is 8 hours, which equates to 40 hours a week. However, for many employees and managers alike, the hours worked per week can quickly exceed 50 or 60.  As a result, many people spend more time with their co-workers than they do with their own families. A University of Michigan survey found […]

Do You Suffer from a Lack of Focus?

You would not be the first executive I have diagnosed with Executive Attention Deficit Disorder (EADD) – a condition I coined for the negative cumulative effect of having to constantly make important decisions that periodically affects executives and entrepreneurs alike. You may recognise some of the following feelings associated with a loss of focus; frustration, […]

Do You Recognise the Face of an Unnatural Leader?

In my special report “Untapped”, I introduce the idea of an “Unnatural Leader”. It is a concept that I coined as a result of coaching and mentoring hundreds of CEOs and Managing Directors over the past fifteen years on how to harness more of the leadership potential within their organisations. One of the spoken (or […]

Why “Clarity” is Crucial to Your Success as a CEO

Clarity is an extremely important concept. It is one many CEO’s and executives don’t focus on until it is too late. Without clarity a CEO will quickly find himself and his organisation in trouble. Lacking clarity is a leadership failure, but it is a temporary one. It is one which can be easily resolved and […]

Why CEOs Fail

To better understand what makes some people succeed in the role of CEO where others don’t, I’ve made it my business to extensively examine Why CEOs Fail. The answers were not things I learned at business school. Decoding the most common causes of failure came from my ‘front-line’ work as a leadership coach and management […]

Families, Success & Succession

“Succession is about more than the evolution of systems and structures. It is also about the continuous process of change in people’s lives, the development and maturation of individuals as they move through life”.                                                                                                                                    Ivan Lansberg During my recent trip to Harvard, I had the opportunity to talk with Eva Hirsch Pontes, one of […]

Adaptive Leadership vs Adapting

This week, I’m writing to you from Harvard University in Boston. I’m attending an intensive eight-day executive education program called “The Art and Practice of Leadership Development” between 8-15 May 2015. I’m part of a learning community of 70 peers (from almost as many countries and walks of life) focused on The Leadership Pipeline – […]

The Four Habitats

What I’d like you to do is consider that you are your ecosystem. If you think about yourself as an ecosystem, an ecosystem is comprised of habitats – the natural homes in which we live. What we need to be able to do is to be able to respond to changes in those habitats. The […]

Behind the Busy Myth

When you ask someone how they are, you’ll automatically receive one of two default responses (in the Australian context, at least): “Not bad.” “Busy.” The problem with these standard responses is that they are engrained in our culture and are both unconscious and inaccurate. The Story I recently had a situation with the company secretary […]

Farmer or Forester

Our approach to managing organisations is quite analytical – we think about boxes and flowcharts. To put this into the context of a farm; we take land, we clear that land and we make these nice little boxes into which we put our livestock. We do the same thing when we talk about customers, suppliers, […]

CEOs and Caterpillars

My original training was in biology. Since then I’ve worked in management and leadership roles as a consultant, as a CEO, as an entrepreneur / business owner. If you think about the fundamental intentions of both business and biology it’s initially to survive and then ultimately to thrive. Becoming a CEO Caterpillars are pretty slow […]

Get Rhythm

I recently attended a Lynn Lounge event as a guest of Tivoli Hi-Fi , one of Australia’s leading specialist hi-fi retailers based in Hawthorn East, an inner suburb of Melbourne. Lynn is a Scottish company that has been a leader in the development of high fidelity speakers and stereo components for several decades. In essence, a […]