Adapt or Perish

CEOs need to be equipped to lead their organisations in a way that allows people and systems to evolve by adapting both to internal and external changes facing their organisations. The only true source of sustainable and competitive advantage is the capacity to adapt. Adapting Think about the notion of change management; it really applies […]

Adapting to Change

Some executives thrive in times of change. Others fail. Is it lack of vision or strategy? Rarely. Sustained high performance demands consistent execution. In a volatile and uncertain world of escalating complexity and increasing ambiguity, we need dynamic people and enterprises that competently adapt to change. Download the full article here… The Story of Adapting […]

Breathing Life into Dead CEOs

The idea of breathing life into dead CEOs does not mean they arrive at our office on a stretcher or in a coffin. Typically, their vital signs are not great though: One of the signs we see are overweight individuals, which is partly because they are quite time-poor and working long hours. The accumulation of […]

Long Live the CEO

In my experience, we need CEOs to grow more quickly than their organisations. How do you ensure that you’re growing, evolving, learning and adapting to these changes faster than your organisation? If you’re going to provide leadership, you’ve got to stay out in front of both your team and the organisation you’re dealing with. It’s […]