Managing Your Default Settings

It’s reassuring to know that when I turn on my PC each morning, it automatically runs its start-up scripts in the background; consistently loading my default settings for optimal performance. As people get older, they don’t necessarily wake up this way each morning. Several years ago, it occurred to me that I could design my […]

Managing Boundaries

Many executives and entrepreneurs struggle to manage their boundaries. The most common complaint I hear from them (and their life partners) is “I find it really hard to switch off from my work / business”. If you are working excessive hours, neglecting your health and well being or struggling to get a good night’s sleep, […]

The 4D Change Model and your Personal Goals

We often speak in terms of applying the 4D Change Model to your professional objectives and obstacles, however it can just as easily be applied to any situation. Jesse Falk was fortunate enough to sit down with Glenn Williams recently to discuss her ideas for improved personal health and wellbeing and has happily provided an […]