Reimagining the Profit & Loss Statement

Imagine if the dashboard in your car provided you with a display that included: Tyre pressure The water level in the windscreen wiper reserves The carbon monoxide level in the exhaust fumes The intensity of the headlights Whilst these things might be interesting to know, they would soon take your attention away from the few […]

Successful to Significant

There comes a point in the journey of successful people where pursuing profit for the sake of more profit starts to lose its meaning and satisfaction. Beyond the pursuit of profit, however, lies the pathway to prosperity. Prosperity is a very personal subject with very few people taking the time to delve more deeply into […]

Creating Superior Profits

One measure of how well a business is going is how profitable it is. People often focus on growing the top line (revenue) but neglect to pay close attention to the bottom line (profit). To be successful a business needs to be profitable, to cross the chasm from successful to significant and generate superior profits. […]