5 Ways To Supercharge Collaboration

Collaboration is central to the success of nLIVEn. We believe people can produce more, achieve greater outcomes and contribute meaningfully to society when their work is enriched by other people’s perspectives. “People grow from connection. Connection is the wellspring of creativity.” Principle #4, The 9 Guiding Principles of Coach U  Collaboration is embedded into the […]

Upgrading Your Core Economic Model

In the article Reimagining the Profit & Loss Statement, I highlighted the opportunity to think more deeply about simplifying the way in which financial information is organised and presented to make it more meaningful and useful – to managers, directors and shareholders alike. Now, let’s turn our attention towards another related concept – the idea […]

Are You Ready For Business Executive Coaching?

Are you struggling with strategic problems… Making the best decision on a promotion or job offer? Understanding how settle into your new CEO or executive role? Reinventing yourself for a new market or industry? Losing out to a competitor on a promotion or opportunity? Trying to assemble the knowledge and skills you’ll need to win […]


A Letter To A Newly Appointed CEO

Dear John, Thank you for emailing me the first draft of what you envisage will form the key strategic initiatives for ABC over the coming year, following on from the discussions that have comprised our initial sessions together. Before I provide you with feedback on your document itself, there are several core concepts that I […]