Corporate values are in vogue.

The Value Of Enlivening Your Values

Corporate values are in vogue. A Booz Allen Hamilton/Aspen Institute survey of corporate behaviour found that leading companies are crafting a purpose-driven identity. Of 365 companies polled, 89% had documented their corporate values. But does corporate fashion translate into corporate practice in ways that truly create value rather than consume value for organisations and society? The […]

Let’s Do Some Deep Work Together

Next week I am leading an offsite strategy advance for a leadership team (board and executives) of eleven people in rural Victoria. The following email is part of a daily series I sent to the participants, to help them prepare for the offsite event that is a key component of the strategic planning process we […]

Rocks In The Jar

A teacher stood before her final class of senior graduating students with some items in front of her. When the class began, she wordlessly turned her attention to a very large and empty glass jar. And proceeded to fill it with rocks – rocks about 8cm in diameter. She then asked the students if the […]

How To Triage Your Strategic Project List

You’ve completed your situation analysis. You’ve clarified your vision. You’ve articulated your strategy into a concise strategy statement, cementing your strategic choices. Perhaps you’ve even prepared a draft budget. Now comes the next stage – translating your strategy into an optimal portfolio of strategic projects to achieve your strategic objectives over the year ahead. A […]

Defining the Executive

Coaching 303 – Coaching The Executive

In Coaching 101, I provided an introduction to Professional Coaching, explaining what it is and how it helps people. I distinguished the two major branches of Professional Coaching: Personal Coaching and Business Coaching. In Coaching 202, I described three categories of coaching: Skills Coaching Performance Coaching Developmental Coaching In Coaching 303, I want to focus on […]

Creating Superior Profits

One measure of how well a business is going is how profitable it is. People often focus on growing the top line (revenue) but neglect to pay close attention to the bottom line (profit). To be successful a business needs to be profitable, to cross the chasm from successful to significant and generate superior profits. […]

Taking a More Strategic Approach

We all get busy. It is easy to lose perspective and get caught up in the details and minutiae of life and business. Before you know it, another week, another month and even another year has passed. It is not uncommon for people to start to wonder whether they are on the right track, or […]