Corporate values are in vogue.

The Value Of Enlivening Your Values

Corporate values are in vogue. A Booz Allen Hamilton/Aspen Institute survey of corporate behaviour found that leading companies are crafting a purpose-driven identity. Of 365 companies polled, 89% had documented their corporate values. But does corporate fashion translate into corporate practice in ways that truly create value rather than consume value for organisations and society? The […]

Success Is Changing

What is the principal challenge facing business leaders today? The answer most management experts will give you is that “success is changing”. In simple terms, success today does not guarantee success tomorrow. The life expectancy of Fortune 500 companies is falling. The average tenure of CEOs is falling. Disruption and non-linear change are now the […]

Vision, Vision Statement and Visioning: understanding the difference

Has anyone ever asked you, “What is your vision?” This is potentially the most confronting question anyone could be asked in their adult life; a question that has been known to render even the most articulate and animated individual speechless. It is a question with the power to pierce through our controlled exterior, to strike […]