Success is Changing Dinner Series | What Is Your vision?

Australian Private Capital & nLIVEn are proud to invite you to Success Is Changing a series of private dinner events held at Melbourne Business School in 2018-2019. These events explore the principal challenge facing business leaders today. In simple terms, success today does not guarantee success tomorrow. The life expectancy of Fortune 500 companies is falling. […]

Providing people with a “vision” of what their vision might look like helps demystify the intended outcome of visioning. The two examples are not in any way designed to be prescriptive – rather merely illustrative.

Free Visioning Self-Assessment Tool

Have you worked on your vision but are not sure whether it is complete yet? You can find out using the free self-assessment tool below. In “Chapter 5 – Expressing Your Vision” of the book Visioning by Glenn A. Williams, Glenn provides a couple of examples of visions that his clients have prepared with his assistance. He included […]


In preparation for the official release of the book “Visioning: creating the life of your dreams” by Glenn A. Williams on 15/01/2017, today we launched a new website at This new website is intended to compliment rather than replace it. Glenn will continue to write The nLIVEn Blog fortnightly. There will be some […]

Special Pre-Release Offer on the new book Visioning

Are you losing motivation because you have lost sight of what is important to you (the big picture)? Do you know that things need to change but you are too busy dealing with the demands of today? Are you struggling to make a decision or change in your life or career? Have you achieved your […]

Why “Clarity” is Crucial to Your Success as a CEO

Clarity is an extremely important concept. It is one many CEO’s and executives don’t focus on until it is too late. Without clarity a CEO will quickly find himself and his organisation in trouble. Lacking clarity is a leadership failure, but it is a temporary one. It is one which can be easily resolved and […]

Vision, Vision Statement and Visioning: understanding the difference

Has anyone ever asked you, “What is your vision?” This is potentially the most confronting question anyone could be asked in their adult life; a question that has been known to render even the most articulate and animated individual speechless. It is a question with the power to pierce through our controlled exterior, to strike […]