The Pomodoro Technique – Advanced Productivity (Part 2)

In “Are you a Maker or a Manager? – Advanced Productivity (Part 1)”, I wrote about the application of the Maker’s Schedule vs the Manager’s Schedule. In part one, I focused on some ideas for improving the way executives and business owners better apply themselves to their “maker” role.

In this article, I’m turning my focus to your “manager” role.

You may have heard about a high performance tool called the Pomodoro technique for getting things done.

Michael Sliwinski wrote a very helpful and practical article entitled “How I use Templates in Nozbe to implement Pomodoro Technique and Unschedule Calendar… to get more done!” which includes using Siri to dictate tasks into your productivity platform and timer software called Tadam – very clever.

On this occasion, there is not a lot extra I’d like to add accept simply sharing this resource with you.

The Application – The Logic of the Illogical Idea

However, one parting thought to ponder…

Could the Pomodoro technique also be a useful tool for when you are wearing your “maker” hat too?

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