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Three Ways to Find Your Purpose

Are you looking for your purpose? Have you found your purpose but don’t know how to utilize it?

If so, you’re not alone.

We all have a purpose. We all have unique talents and abilities that no one else has. They are ours and ours alone. It’s just a matter of finding it and putting it to use, but many of us don’t know where to begin. Here are three ways to find your purpose.

Look Into Your Past

My first tip is to utilize the exercise I learnt during my advanced coach training. Simply asking your parents what your passion was when you were a child is a valuable resource that many of us may have or simply forgotten.” Ask them the following questions:

  • “What was my passion when I was between 8 and 12 years old?”
  • “What gave me bliss? “
  • “Where did I lose my sense of time? What was I doing?”

I was never the same after that conversation with my parents. A light went on in my brain that has been on ever since. Looking back at that stage in your life could yield valuable insight and uncover clues as to why you’re the person you are today.

Differentiating Between Your Purpose, Vision and Values

From what I have observed over the years, many people will confuse their vision with their purpose or with their personal values. While they may seem similar, they are actually quite different and part of a systematic process.  Using myself as an example, I had to work on my vision before I could work on my values to then decode my purpose. It wasn’t until I clarified my vision that I could begin to focus on my purpose. Once I knew my purpose, my vision became crystal clear. I knew what I was destined to do and was mentally ready to take the steps toward my destiny.

When working with others, I’ve noticed that many prefer to start with their vision: we determine where they will end up in 5-10 years. Once we map out a detailed vision, a statement of purpose begins to form, which gives us a sense of clarity. Following these steps allows us to discover what their purpose is, as well as the pathway they should take to fulfill that vision.

I believe any deliberate work a person does on discovering and articulating their purpose statement or understanding their purpose will help reveal the true meaning of their vision and values.

This is a critical first step. When driving to a new destination, many of us elect to use a map to find the best route. The map will show us the best route to take. It will help us avoid the dead ends and show us the shortcuts. On the other hand, if we start driving with no particular destination in mind, we can end up lost and confused on where to go next.

The same philosophy applies to our future: we must know where we want to go. We should have a goal and a destination in mind. Without it, we are lost and have won’t have a sense of direction.

Time and again, the words of human rights activist Malcolm X resonate with profound truth: “The future belongs to those who prepare for it.”

Be Your Own Lego Master

What are your building blocks? Whether that’s your career or your business, be the Lego master in your own world.  Ask yourself questions like:

  • “How can I take what I already have in my Lego bag and recreate it as a new model today?”
  • “What are my transferrable skills and experiences?”
  • “How can I re-package those skills and experiences in new and creative ways?”

I firmly believe there are a many skills people have acquired throughout their careers that can be transferred to other endeavors. With a little imagination and creativity, these skills can be repackaged and used in many different ways. Become your own Lego master!

“Do your Parents hold the Key?”

How could your parents hold the key to you discovering your Purpose in business?

Glenn A. Williams from nLIVEn talks with Justin Cooper from Unleash Your Beast about how his parents helped him find his Purpose and provides three tips on how you can find your Purpose and put it to use in your work and/or business.

Find out by watching this short (3 minute) video – where Glenn talks about how he realised that his childhood love for Lego gave him insights into how he could help business leaders.

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