Vision, Vision Statement and Visioning: understanding the difference

Has anyone ever asked you, “What is your vision?”

This is potentially the most confronting question anyone could be asked in their adult life; a question that has been known to render even the most articulate and animated individual speechless. It is a question with the power to pierce through our controlled exterior, to strike at the core of the fundamental questions that lie at the heart of our struggle with our own existence.

Conversely, this can also be the most liberating question to ask someone. It’s like pulling the cork out of a bottle: vivid images and aspirations rapidly flow out, often being verbalised and expressed for the very first time. The discussion that follows enlivens; the individual begins to reveal powerful insights and is rewarded with clarity of existing intention that had not previously been consciously accessed. Most importantly, the question of vision deepens our relationship with our higher self as our ears witness the words of the voice within.

In simple terms, our vision is an expression of our values, an interpretation of our purpose. It is the clear and confident voice that defines the most important elements of our passion; an authentic self-expression of desire and intentionality.

Defining a Vision Statement

A vision statement, as opposed to a vision, succinctly describes an idea in a manner that captures the passion and inspiration of that idea. A vision statement is designed to stimulate thinking by painting a graphic picture of what you wish to create. As a single sentence, a vision statement is designed to distil the essence of an inspiring idea down into a few words.

A vision, however, is a picture of the future at a specific and meaningful point in time in the future.

The Visioning Book

For over two decades Vision has long been a subject that has occupied the research and professional work of Glenn A. Williams. In his book, entitled Visioning, Glenn teaches the reader how to better articulate their vision in a personal or professional context. Discovering greater clarity through understanding why vision is important enables people to successfully cultivate their vision to drive meaningful change outcomes.

The Visioning book is a powerful tool for articulating, nurturing and shaping vision to engage a deeper connection with the higher self. Addressing critical ingredients for success through thought-provoking exercises and discussion, the following topics are addressed:

  1. Understanding Vision
    Champion a meaningful cause
  2. Defining Vision
    Engage your vision
  3. To Dream or not to Dream
    The facility to lead with your spirit
  4. The Alternative
    Opportunities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow
  5. Change Maker versus Change Taker
    Choice and behaviour, character and personality
  6. Catalysing the Creative Process
    You are the painter
  7. The Process of Visioning
    An exercise in introspection
  8. Expressing your Vision
    The sequential stages of transforming vision
  9. Parting Thoughts
    Seeking a deeper level of satisfaction

Visioning is available in both a physical book and eBook formats from the nLIVEn website and other eBook retailers for purchase and download.

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