Visioning Self-Assessment Tool

Have you worked on your vision but are not sure whether it is complete yet?

You can find out using the free self-assessment tool below.

In “Chapter 5 – Expressing Your Vision” of the book Visioning by Glenn A. Williams, Glenn provides a couple of examples of visions that his clients have prepared with his assistance. He included them there to help readers deepen their understanding of what the intended outcome of visioning can look like.

Providing people with a “vision” of what their vision might look like helps demystify the intended outcome of visioning. The two examples are not in any way designed to be prescriptive – rather merely illustrative.

These two unabridged examples are designed to demonstrate the power a detailed vision can have in helping shape the choices you are making. The sample visions that are included in the book did not look like they do today when they were first written. Each client received feedback and coaching on their vision, through several successive drafts, as their coach tested and challenged them on their vision, progressively deepening their thinking.

Glenn developed a self-assessment tool that you can use for free to help you refine the first and successive drafts of your own vision, as a companion to the book Visioning.

This tool is comprised of a checklist of ten key questions Glenn would ask you if he was reviewing your vision.

In addition, after you submit your responses to the ten questions, this tool will subsequently send you free additional tactics and tips to help you avoid making the most common mistakes Glenn sees people make in the visioning process.

Visioning Self-Assessment Tool

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