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Whether you are new to nLIVEn, a current client or a long-term follower of our work, The nLIVEn Blog is designed to be a great platform for tapping into some of our best ideas and their practical application. We’ll be aiming to bring you fresh and inspiring perspectives on management and leadership. We’ll know that we are succeeding when these ideas literally shift and transform the way you work, rather than simply capture and synthesize best practices from traditional approaches covered elsewhere.

Introducing nLIVEn

“nLIVEn works with pioneering leaders who are ready to take a more strategic approach and create superior profits so they can lead their companies from successful to significant.”

Working with pioneering leaders involves pushing and extending boundaries. It demands spending more of our time in the “learning zone” rather than our “comfort zone”.

It takes a solid grounding and understanding of the terrain of management to comprehend where and how we can expand the boundaries and frontiers of people’s leadership. As such, we shall be dedicating several blog posts to explaining the various elements of the above statement that we use to introduce and explain nLIVEn to people. Initially, we shall be covering off four core concepts that nLIVEn specialises in over several upcoming posts:

  1. Pioneering leadership
  2. Taking a more strategic approach
  3. Creating superior profits
  4. Successful to significant

This will lead us into exploring the 4D Change Model, which is the central idea presented in a forthcoming book by Glenn Williams, the founder and CEO of nLIVEn.

The nLIVEn Community

We run regular events that provide an opportunity for members of the nLIVEn community to connect and develop relationships with other like-minded professionals. From informal breakfast events to guest presentations over lunch, exclusive experiences to virtual training programs, we invite you to enrich the quality of your global network through your association with nLIVEn.

Our Blog is an important forum for the nLIVEn team to connect our thinking with other members of the nLIVEn community. We would love to hear your reflections on the topics you care most about – we invite your comments, welcome your feedback and appreciate your suggestions to make it an even richer resource. You can reach us at “contact us” or call +61 (3) 9889 7777 if you would like to connect with us more privately.

We trust that, over time, you can come back to your favourite posts and share them with others you are actively collaborating with (as a way to help forward the thinking of your team/s). On those occasions where we surprise you with original and provocative ideas and insights, you can also pay it forward by sharing The nLIVEn Blog with your community via social media.

So please, take the time to add your comments and join the discussion.

Collaborative Opportunities

If you are interested in having someone from nLIVEn address your group, community or conference, please “contact us”  or call +61 (3) 9889 7777 to discuss your upcoming event.

If you would like to be considered as a guest contributor to The nLIVEn blog, we would welcome your submission/s for review.

Likewise, if you would like to invite nLIVEn to be a guest contributor to your blog, magazine or podcast, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest.

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